Discord FAQ, prices, APY and antispam bots


Maintaining a healthy and productive community is crucial for DEFI projects. To help the community, the discord server where member resides can be made more productive and informative with the help of some bots.

I propose to add the following bots:

  • Sushi FAQ bot
  • Sushi price and APYs bots
  • Antispam/antiscam bot

Sushi FAQ bot

This bot will have a collection of FAQs and docs to help onboarding new users.
The bot will be invoked with !faq, e.g. !faq xSushi will provide an automated response detailing information about xSushi.
The bot will also have helpful dynamic features, such as SUSHI price, charts, APYs information and calculations, gas price and gas price subscriptions… The community is free to suggest more features and useful content for the bot.

Sushi price and APYs bots

These bots will be shown near the top of the members list. Their nicknames and statuses will display useful information, e.g.: Sushi price bot will have the $ price as nickname, and show eth price and marketcap in the status.
Every farm from the menu will also have a bot showing the avatar as on https://sushiswapclassic.org/farms and the APY as nickname.
Data will be refreshed every 30 seconds.

Antispam/antiscam bot

This bot will prevent raiders joining the sushi discord in batches and sending phishing DMs to other members.
It will kick any new joiners posting phishing links in channels.
It will be using a feed of banned users and reported scammers from ~ 500 DEFI discords to inform admins if such users join the Sushi discord.

Development details

I have built similar bots for a few DEFI discords already and can provide references if needed: SNX, yEarn, Zapper, DHT, SWTH…
FAQ and price bots will be open sourced for the community to contribute if willing.
Antiscam/antiscam bot can be audited by the core team, but its code will not be made public, as scammers would then find a way around the bot.


I would develop, maintain, and hosts the bots. Under the funding agreements, I would provide warranty to keep all features functional for an initial period of 1 year.
Optionally, I offer a buffer of 100h to add features and content over the 1 year period, as suggested by community.

Funding breakdown:

  • Sushi FAQ bot - 800 sushi
  • Sushi price and APYs bots - 800 sushi
  • Antispam bot - 800 sushi
  • (optional) 100h buffer over the course of one year for additional features and FAQ content after the bots are released and approved - 2600 sushi

I will be happy to answer any questions and provide references to previous work if needed.