Discussion regarding usage and ownership of Sushi Treasury UNI Tokens

We need to determine the best course of action regarding the UNI tokens distributed during the UNI launch to the Sushi treasury. Some actions I think would be worth considering, but please also suggest and discuss your own.

  1. Use UNI as Yield booster to attract more liquidity and remain attractive for liquidity providers. I.e mining sushi token + a small amount of UNI may be very attractive to those who migrated to uniswap pools.
  2. Its important to discuss the ownership of those LP tokens. While it could not have been known that the treasury would end up with these, i think there is a fair discussion to be had regarding whether or not LP’s are entitled to their UNI tokens. Additionally, a twist on this is to distribute to current holders (pool has come down by a third since distribution).
  3. put those tokens inside of the UNI/ETH pool as a means to generate development income. and to hopefully have the most liquid UNI pool available.
    4.Another thought, is to just return the UNI to the original owners of that. There could theoretically be many people with only a couple thousand dollars in the pool that should have been able to claim 400 sushi. For them, they lost significant capital from this, potent ally far in excess of what they made farming sushi.

Those are some thoughts, I would like to run some actual numbers later tonight, but for now post your ideas here. Thanks!

There has been discussion in #general on Discord regarding this it seems.

The current idea is to use the UNI to fund the dev team for 6 months while not selling SUSHI. While this is a good idea, there might be better options than selling.

  1. What is the best way to manage this liquidity? Can we lend it and use the interest accrued to fund the dev team? I’m sure there are better ways of generating more income from this rather than direct sales.
  2. Do we need to hold these tokens to have voting power on Uniswap?
  3. If we do sell, how do we determine when the best time to sell is? UNI is quite volatile.
  4. Do LPs at the time of staking for migration deserve these tokens?
  5. As @Gondee mentioned, do we use these to fund an UNI/ETH pool that generates 1000s in fees for the dev fund everyday? Again this is a way of managing the liquidity to maximize profit for the dev fund.

Let’s answer these questions here before we decide.


swapping uni treasury for stablecoins
locking in our dev team, operating funds for 6+ months
without touching sushi-fund
I support this

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I have added a 4th point that occurred to me. I think at the minimum we need to allocate the uni to the pool and generate revenues on the treasury. This way no matter what use we end up going with there is less principle decay.