Do you have confidence in Omakase holding a leadership position?


Allegations have been made about Omakase’s integrity and handling of Sushi’s finances, summed up by Rekt here -

Omakase has also been repeatedly accused of censoring the conversation here on the forum - a good example is the thread here - ‘Frog Nation <3 Sushi - #32 by GoldenNaim

My purpouse here is not to argue either for or against Omakase’s behaviour, rather to establish what the community thinks and whether they still have enough faith and goodwill to entrust Omakase with a leadership position within Sushi. I believe this is an important question to ask as there are currently at least two proposals out there nominating him into a senior Head of / VP role.

It is paramount that any such position is filled with somebody who the community trust, if we are to remain a community-run project, upholding the highest level of transparency and integrity. I apologise in advance if this seems like fingerprinting or a witch-hunt but I do believe the discussion is necessary and I am open to any result.

  • Yes, I trust Omakase to hold a leadership role
  • No, I do NOT want Omakase to be a leader within Sushi

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as long as omakase is the one moderating the forum, they are also free to allow as many new accounts to shift the conversation in their own advantage (e.g. daniele corporate takeover posts)
or to mass vote to steer confidence
or to just censor opinions they don’t like (as they’ve done with me)
or to just not allow people to come into discord before they’re done stealing as much money as they can from sushi (e.g. me getting banned by the samurai for calling the thief names for stealing money - i wouldnt get banned in synthetix or aave for this, am quite sure, they got more “skin in the game” than anonymous tyrants that self-rule without any transparent regulations voted in place)

omakase is corrupt - they value their own interests before those of the community - and that’s only one of the roots of corruption in sushi - imagine they have been ploying for several months to hire enough people so then when they would ask for money airdrops before the investors, they would be at HIGH odds of actually getting the money
this is why they have the support of arca and daniele, they see the free money they can get with these new positions and taking sushi products off the market to gain more share

#conspiracy #conspiracytocommitfraud #anonymousthief #omakase

i drew a toulmin scheme to immortalise this pickle :cucumber: sushi finds itself in

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Cross-posting my thoughts from other thread


It helps to understand the truth, they want to empty the treasury wallet!

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I don’t see that from the document you provided


Just a lot of character attacks without any substance really. In the thread he/she removes two accounts with the same IP? These posts existing show there’s no censorship… this is the most disorganized forum I’ve ever seen


character attacks? its the actions of the individuals - he censored me on forum and censors others too lol he literally hides messages that don’t sit well with him - he asked for an #omakaseairdrop, got caught with trying to steal, started censoring, and now finally concluded by burning his rep to invite daniele to literally take xSushi off the market lmao


Ohohoho a lot of confidence in omakase as a leader
Guess people really love he added secret anonymous voting on the open BLOCKCHAIN, LOL

You don’t see them emptying coffers or do you not make the connection between omakase requesting money before investors, asking it for a vote, and getting it before investors know about omakase’s intentions? Self serving team member that puts their own pockets before those of the investors

Why wouldn’t they do the same or worse next time, lol
They are anonymous and got pretty much nothing else to lose, they already tied their Identity to loving centralised top down command and control structures where Omakase is head

They don’t love regulations, structure, transparency, elections, appeals
They take those away and give you censorship and OmakaseDao Me-Fi man in the middle attacks

hey another day and another day i dont have confidence in omakase holding a leadership position, gm

2 likes but 51 votes with 65% yes
it’s probably not voting manipulation by omakase
probably not
likely? yes.

prove me wrong - oh wait you can’t
why? cause it’s centralised and he got the ledger LOLOLOL
oh wait you tell me you can see the ledger of who voted? no you can’t
he’s a piiiiiig watchaaaout it’s the spider pig!

Shameless people are the most powerful, because they no longer know what shame is, and even if the evidence is in front of them, they are considered to have not seen it!

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How is asking for a vote suddenly corruption? It looks like someone asked for reimbursement and were denied. They were being transparent within core. It seems the person that requested simply wanted privacy instead of being dragged out into the public.

Explain what actions are immoral based on the documentation provided? Exact quotes preferential


cause they didn’t do it on the open forum or on discord first: they put it up for a vote within a secret group they made

this is like me going to the bank, becoming a partner, and then saying in the board room i need investor money to compensate some civil lawsuits i had with the wife cause we split up: this is illegal, intent to commit fraud, i need to get disbarred or sent to prison ASAP cause of the intent i am showing (defraud investors of their money to line up my own boomer pockets)

it’s a different thing if i go to the bank with the rest of the people that lost money and we start a civil lawsuit against the bank together. omakase didnt do that. he straight out went in the bank, hired some associates, took the money, got surprised pikachu face when confronted with the fact that this would be theft LMAO

the actions immoral were:

asking for money in a private group
hiring without actually having regulations in place about workplace ethics and ways to appeal firing and not getting hired
censoring on the forum
hiding posts on the forum
using other people to ask for money for them cause they re too ashamed to do so themselves
hiding votes on the forum
controlling the twitter without decentralising access for months on end
knowingly acting in a workplace that has no regulations and tyrannically moderating content without appeal
not changing anything about it while acting within it, with the probable interest of profiting off of it: oh noooo guyyyys but no regulations amirite slightsmilewojak :slight_smile: is the excuse used by the anon cucerino omakase
doing shady stuff with daniele by imposing top down command and control structures
not promoting on twitter proposals made by community members, promoting initiatives made by vulture capitalists
attacking with man in the middle on governance in forum and discord with anonymous accounts
silencing voices that dont resonate with the imposed narrative (omakase coming with daniele to take sushi products down)

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And your attributing all these actions to one person on what basis?

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on the basis that 1)

they stole
they are the mod
they control the twitter
they act in the hidden group and dont get out

their fault for stealing
now its time to go, now it’s time to make processes for removing people and for appealing and for judging

but omakase needs to go cause he is just going to continue the corruption (e.g. the post to fire him not being promoted on twitter, he shows bias, unfairness, inability to lead or to control themselves and put the interests of sushi before themselves, e.g. just straight out flagging for ignore some forum posts cause w.e they are the censor and they can, what are u gonna do about it lol)

every minute that they dont share and retweet and comment and support the firing proposal is a second they act as a corrupt tyrant

What did they steal? From the transcript provided, it doesn’t reflect that

There is nothing that suggests the Twitter is managed by any one person.

No evidence that they’re is a “hidden group” especially since several screenshots and private discussions have been leaked. Not very “hidden” imo

A moderator can choose to moderate. If they’re disagreements on the basis of moderation doesn’t automatically mean “corruption” means we need clear rules for moderators to use as guideline.

They stole money. The transcript is from the private group they keep hidden and used for the conspiracy to commit fraud.

Yes, there is. I don’t have access, and no one promotes posts that are against Omakase. A fact is that the post to remove him has not been shared on Twitter, while the post to put him into leading positions, has been. He is then likely to either control or control those that control the Twitter account. This is because posts that would put him in a bad light are not promoted.

Yes, there is evidence. You refer to the group as “private discussions” which are done in a “private group” lmao. That’s why you call the screenshots “leaked”. Cause they are from “private, hidden, conversations, in between, core, behind, close doors, where, omakse, steals, money”

A moderator cannot moderate without rules in place. Moderating without rules and courses of appeal and noticing users of how they can appeal and have a right to defend is bad for investors, morality, public, ethics, and frankly, for anyone. The disagreements are based on the fact that he stole money, censored, corrupted, and continues to corrupt the organisation with man in the middle and governance attacks, both on forum, discord, twitter and on chain.

Evidence is hard to uncover, promote, or to discuss about, since it gets censored and actors like me get removed from the Discord, when they try to shift the (decentralised) agenda onto a concerning topic that kills: corruption. We have corruption at the head of this organisation, and no one really knows why this individual is there or what they precisely do besides asking for #omakaseairdrops and for defrauding investors from their money. Fire Omakase. I do not trust Omakase. I do not have confidence that Omakase can take a leading position in an organisation that wishes to promote decentralised ideals - this is based on the actions that they have shown so far:

they stole
they are the mod
they control the twitter
they act in the hidden group and dont get out

their fault for stealing
now its time to go, now it’s time to make processes for removing people and for appealing and for judging

When i replied to Omakase directly when they attempted to defend themselves, they simply put up my posts for ignoring. Showing abuse again. Showing corrupt power and abuse of a position of power. They are not fit to moderate, barely yet to lead.

I have also been deleted from Discord. This is not like DAO. He should not allow any opposition to him.

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