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We have moved from one domain to another:,, and it’s been a little confusing and doesn’t inspire confidence. Also, with the expansion into other areas, a name that includes swap doesn’t really work. So in the medium term it would be nice to move to a more serious umbrella domain under the SUSHI brand.

There seem to be different views of the value of a serious domain, so I figured I’d put out a bunch of options to see which way the community is leaning.

You can tick multiple… tick all options you support.

  • Just stick with what we have
  • Acquire for $65k
  • Acquire, but only if it’s < $35k
  • Acquire for $10k
  • Use (registration was $700)

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I think we should acquire both and I think it will give us more opportunities to improve our SEO as well as making sure a scam, clone etc dont use Also in the future we might have direct use of more domain names, other than to SEO and redirect traffic to our “main site”.

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I think is good enough, and I’d like to keep the “swap” in our domain name. would be better than but I don’t like


Honestly I feel the same way about keeping “swap” in the domain name.

Though does it make sense to still be called sushiswap, once we have other platforms under the project like the new BentoBox?

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Personally I’m also a fan of having ‘swap’ in the domain name for the exchange. There’s also the option of that I think is worth consideration. However re: the other thread I also am onboard with the idea of as an umbrella domain for the ecosystem at large

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i supports having swap in the domain name

Yeah, once we have multiple products, we can use: for swapping… :smiley: But in my mind the swap functionality, the borrow functionality and maybe later curve, DEX, earn vaults, etc… are all interconnected… both swapping and lending pays fees into the bar. I’m adding a vault to BentoBox which will allow to move between pools much cheaper (low gas). When we do V2 of swapping we may want to tie that into the same vault system for instance… instead of having 5 different systems it makes more sense to me to roll it into one platform, unified under the Sushi DAO and $SUSHI token.


Also, to clarify, this change will not happen instantly, but if we want to acquire the name, that will take time… probably timed together with the launch of BentoBox.

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In my opinion makes more sense than

I believe we should postpone non critical purchases until such time the value of sushi gains some traction.
The domains we already have should suffice for now.

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If we truly believe in sushi beyond the next three years a top level domain like sushi . org might be incredibly useful. It seems awfully expensive but as an investment it honestly might be worthwhile. I support it.

For me this is just one important step in bringing all of Sushi under a clear brand. But I don’t like to move on proposals that don’t have community support, so I’ll leave it up to the team whether they want to try for or just leave it be. Waiting for sushi to get traction first is like waiting with upgrades and new development until sushi gets traction… creating a clear brand with all resources under a serious (long term) domain is what creates a positive signal for the future of Sushi and who knows, might change the sentiment around Sushi. Although how sentiment comes to be in crypto is not straightforward. Just buying the domain name and using it for yet another disjoint site however, is a waste of resources. It would have to go hand in hand with bringing together:

  • A general website (which we don’t have)
  • The omakase UI (New UI), which should support all functionality of Sushi
  • SushiSwapClassic (until we don’t need it anymore, this should be at or
  • Sushidocs
  • Clear links to all other official resources
  • Medium Blog - I think medium can be integrated into a private domain…

Anyway, that’s just my idea of where this should go… it will be up to the community to support this and the team to implement.


100% agree with that.

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so are we going ahead with the domain name purchase?

I think maybe we should put up a core vote for the top 3 options. I’m leaving it witj 0xMaki and ctrl.

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