Don't see my rewards in my portfolio - address isn't in the bar

My understanding is I go to Portfolio and indeed it did show my (66%) rewards until recently. Now when I go there it says: “Address isn’t in the bar…”.

Anyone knows the solution to this?



Try some of these?

General …yourwalletaddress



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The same with me bro, whers’s my 2/3 SUSHI?

yes, I also can’t harvest too, why?

Same to me -could not see my 2/3 staked sushie any more -shows 0

The vested sushi is paid out on a rolling basis for 27 weeks(6 months). If you did not stake in the first few weeks of the vested sushi program you will not have any vested sushi to claim yet. You will have to wait 6 months from when you earned the sushi to have access to your vested portion. If you did actually stake in the early weeks and believe you’re missing vested sushi owed to you please post your wallet address so the community can verify

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I’ve been staking on sushi since the beginning. Claimable sushi was posted on the initial update at exchange.sushi, but it hasn’t changed since. The update is supposed to be weekly, right? If so, I should see the claimable amount continue to increase. Has the week 2 update still not been pushed? Also, on the github, there’s only week 1 merkle update, nothing newer than that.

Am I missing something?

“Omakase — 10/04/2021
Unlock schedule:
Monday - 4/5
Friday - 4/16
Friday - 4/23


I know that i can not claim my 2/3 vested sushies jet but befor i am still able to see how much vested sushies i have. Now i see only the sushies that are not 2/3 vested

Try: SushiSwap Interface

Any luck?

There i have 10 claimable Sushies i can not claim because of vested period but where are the other 30 i had in my portfolio befor update? will they come to this 10 as time goes by? i am only for 3 weeks here so long time befor claiming

If it’s been 6months it will be claimable if it’s been less it will be claimable once that period is up.

Search for your address in merkle (sushi-vesting/merkle at master · sushiswap/sushi-vesting · GitHub) or look at your address on Etherscan ( to work out the exact dates.

Ok thanks maka -Seems to be altcoin rally is over -Good to have sushie swaps stablecoins to stake with ether

It looks like retrieves lock-up amount (2/3) from static file:
How was this file generated ?

@BoringCrypto, question for you.

@LufyCZ created this file… I’ve never checked this (except for my own accounts). He also made the vesting contract and did the math for that. Maybe he can explain more.

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I think I figured it out where the file comes from: produces both amounts and merkle distributor snapshots

My confusion was the same as for folks in this thread: pending amount is increasing and can be easily retrieved from SushiSwap: MasterChef LP Staking Pool | 0xc2EdaD668740f1aA35E4D8f227fB8E17dcA888Cd, but not vested lock-up.

To be honest I don’t fully understand the logic for lock-up amount calculation:
(Harvested + Pending) are multiplied by (totalVested / totalFarmed) fraction. For snapshot blocks [10959148 - 12277383] this fraction = 1.7911 and not 2.0
Do you have some info or artcile explaining formulas ?

This interface actually does show it as ‘Historical Total Locked’. I guess it will show up in the Claimable sushi box whenever my 6 month period ends. Not very intuitive in terms of naming, but glad I found them!