[Draft] Proposal Deploy SUSHI on Meter


This is a cooperation proposal from Meter.io community. We sincerely hope SUSHI could be deployed on Meter Network so that more people can enjoy SUSHI’s excellent services.


Meter is a high-performance EVM compatible L1 and side chain network. The founding team started to build Meter Network from 2018, and in 2021 Meter main network launched. It is one of the best L1 and Ethereum side chains that combines decentralization and high performance. At present, there are 142 consensus nodes (scalable to thousands of consensus nodes) and 1500+ TPS per chain. Meter network is rapidly building its own ecosystem and has excellent partners such as Theta, AMPL and Moonbeam, but Meter lacks an excellent DEX. Hence, after discussion in Meter community, we really hope SUSHI can be deployed on Meter Network to serve Meter current and more coming users.

About Meter

Please allow me to introduce Meter from the following key aspects to help SUSHI community know better about us.


Meter’s leadership team specializes in deep tech, software architecture, product management, and product growth. Their top qualifications from leading academic institutions - Wharton, Stanford, Purdue, UCSD, and more - are backed by world-class experience gained with Google, Cisco, Huawei, and JD Capital. You can check the info of core members here: Team

Technical features

High performance: Meter uses Hotstuff based PoS consensus which enables the transactions to be finalized in seconds, bringing smoother experience to users.

Highly decentralized: Meter’s HotStuff-based consensus allows 1000s of validator nodes, making Meter the most decentralized Layer 2 for Ethereum. Currently there are 142 validator nodes and the number keeps growing.

EVM compatible: Meter is Compatible with all Ethereum toolchains and libraries. Existing dApps can be migrated to Meter with almost no changes and extra costs.

Interoperable: Meter Passport is an N Way blockchain router that allow both assets and information to travel across blockchain networks, which connects 8 mainstream blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, Moonriver, Theta, Polis, Energyweb, and will support more networks in the future.

MEV resistant: Meter added unique enhancements on top of Ethereum. For example Meter does not use gas prices to rank transactions processing order. DEXes on Meter are front running/MEV resistant, fast and uncensorable.

Low and stable Gas fees : Meter separates the governance token (MTRG) from the Gas token (MTR), which anchors the global average electricity price to achieve a more stable price. It only cost a few cents per transaction on average and remains stable.


Meter has a vibrant and solid global community with more than thousands of users and devoted community ambassadors across multiple countries and regions. Meter community will actively support SUSHI’s deployment on Meter.


If SUSHI can be deployed on Meter, the benefits for both sides are obvious.

First, Meter users will enjoy a world-leading DEX service, while SUSHI will cover more networks.

Next, with rapid growth, Meter will cover many assets that other networks don’t have, due to its thriving native applications and cross-chain bridge services, such as new assets from Moonbeam Network, Theta Network, and other networks with flourish ecosystem, so it will expand SUSHI’s portfolio of assets.

Meter’s technology will propel Sushi to be the world’s first front-running resistant DEX, showcasing SUSHI’s technology leadership in the space. SUSHI will also be the foremost DEX service in Meter network. Meter will also push and provide incentives for SUSHI products, i.e., IDO, Liquidity Mining incentives, lending/borrowing, which we believe will be beneficial to both sides.

If SUSHI community approves our proposal, Meter team and the community will work together to push things move fast. If possible, we hope this collaboration could be achieved within a month.




Medium:Meter.io – Medium

Discord:Meter Project

Person in charge of this proposal:@shanjiefengyi

Contact TG:@guoxinchen


If you agree with the proposal, select “YES”.
If you disagree, please select “NO”

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what would you benefit to sushi holders?

  1. Expand sushi ecological map
  2. Sushi holders can earn rewards on Meter through sushi trading

it’s an amazing proposal


SUSHI on Meter, I’m thinking abt more scaling and cross-chain services, might be a good choice.


let‘go I think this is a very good suggestion


It looks like a good programme.


This is a very good suggestion, the meter network is excellent


@shanjiefengyi it was a pleasure learning more about Meter and its capabilities.

A quick question, what language is Meter written in?

You mention its “thriving native applications” - is there one in particular I should check out?

Look forward to learning more about your network!


Meter is written in the golang language.
The ecology of Meter is Voltswap (Dex), 0xTracker (Yield track), Meter passport (Bridge), etc. You can check here for details: Ecosystem | Meter


For the first time in Sushiswap’s history, Traders will be able to enjoy a front-running free DEX experience.

For liquidity providers, Meter Foundation could provide a decent amount of MTRG incentives for sushiswap when it launches on Meter. It will help sushi miners get exposure to the new and upcoming network.

For sushi holders, no front running means more retail volume and more fee income. In addition, there will be more sushi token holders joining from the Meter community. existing sushi holders will be able to earn MTRG from the above program as well


This is amazing!! Can’t wait to see sushi on meter mainnet! :zap::zap:


This seems like a perfect match, Sushi is aiming to be massively Crosschain as an AMM and Meter is a network built with cross-chain interoperability as the main focus with their Passport and Metastable MTR token, both can help to further a multi-chain future in the space.


Cross chain possibilities and front running resistant trades?!?! Yes please!


I’d love for Sushi to be front-running resistant. Great proposal!


This looks like a great proposal to me. The mitigation of front running is necessary for the protection of retail investors. I do believe that this topic will continue to gain more awareness amongst retail investors in an extremely competitive “DEX market”. Mainstream adoption of Web3.0 is clearly on the horizon and the DEXs that start to pull away in the race are going to to be the DEXs that protect the retail investor from risks like front running. Great opportunity for SushiSwap to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Looking forward to hear from others about this.


This is the best idea I’ve seen on Sushi’s forum. What is Meter’s tps & block time?


1500 tps and 2/3 block time. You can check the scan . Meter . io


I think this proposition is really huge for both meter and sushi. Meter is the only layer that is resistant to front running so no bots. It would be very nice to have sushiswap on the meter because of this great feature. It should be remembered that Meter is a highly performing and scalable layer 1 but also acts as a very performing and decentralized eth layer 2. Excellent proposal and we hope to reach the target