[Draft] Proposal Deploy SUSHI on Meter

Let’s make this happen, front running sucks!

This is a great idea, Meter is a rapidly growing platform and would bring more users to use Sushiswap as well!

Great offer! I’m waiting!

Great! Meter’s technology is such a perfect match. Strong, fast and reliable

Yes please! So looking forward!

yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

It seems that everything has already been said. I studied and tested the meter, I liked it. I approve of the partnership. The meter ecosystem is rapidly gaining momentum. I see how the team is working day and night on the project. We are waiting for a decision from the sushi team. There would be a good synergistic effect.

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It would be wonderful!

I think this can be a great thing for both Meter and Sushi. Meter will have the chance to have one of the largest dex around and Sushi will be able to enjoy the technology that Meter provides. I have invested in both projects and a collaboration between them would be great!

Yes please do.

keep building :partying_face:

MTRG 1500 tps :fire::rocket: good Proget


It looks like a good programme.

It would be wonderful :pray::pray: