Elect SuperGenius to Head Sushi Chef/CEO Position


The Sushi project needs a good Head Sushi Chef/CEO. I am nominating myself (SuperGenius aka Kenneth Hurley). I am willing to support anyone that is a good candidate and has the projects best interest in mind. From the qualifications presented, I personally fit every requirement and I am passionate and excited about the future of Sushi.


:white_check_mark: Crypto or tech native.

I can still code, Solidity, C++, TypeScript, Javascript, PHP, Assembly, etc. (I have a GitHub and still am very active) GVTopCoder, klhurley

I’ve been swing trading & using exotic options trading since 2006 (Iron Condors, Saddles, Calendar Spreads, etc)

I’ve been in crypto space since 2016. First Mining Ethereum, built my own mining rigs, then swing trading BTC and ETH, and contract and dApp development

I am passionate about Sushi succeeding and the DAO succeeding

:white_check_mark: Experience in a senior management position.

I’ve worked at Amazon, Google, nVidia, EA and had 3 of my own Startups, Interim CTO, CTO and CEO

:white_check_mark: Experience with treasury & cash flow management, and general finance and budgeting.

I took one of my startups public in 2005 and I was personally responsible and drafted Management Discussion and Analysis (MDNA) of the financials

Attorneys that I’ve worked with say I should have been an Attorney, and CPA’s say I should have been a CPA, but I prefer Very Technical CEO/CTO.

:white_check_mark: Ability to build consensus and relationships among executives, partners, and the workforce.

I very easily communicate up and down the stack. I can talk Tech with engineers and Strategy with C-Level Execs and even draft strategic communications and technical documents.

:white_check_mark: Corporate strategy experience.

I was the CEO of all the aforementioned U.S. based startups driving strategy

I am very knowledgeable in Corporate structure and formation in the U.S. and some familiarity with Corporate structure in several other countries

:white_check_mark: Implementation of human resources and personnel management.

For my startups, I also implemented the HR and personnel management for the company

I know it takes more than one person to run a successful company and I am able to hire the right people quickly to effectively delegate

:white_check_mark: Experience with crypto governance.

Beyond just understand Crypto governance, I am also very experienced in dealing with U.S. Regulatory Authorities, since I took my company public and I crafted the quarterlies and yearly disclosures working side by side with a CPA

I’ve had zero inquiries by U.S. Regulatory Authorities about any of my businesses

The lack of inquiries stems from the fact I’m very transparent and honest with disclosures. I also put my money (or time) where my mouth is. With the public company, I didn’t take a salary for 7 years and instead I took stock options and I was locked out of selling for 8 years, as I was a control person.

:white_check_mark: Ability to create an open & transparent Sushi working environment

I’m willing to DOXX myself and also strike a balance between a reasonable salary with more backend Sushi based on performance

me - https://www.linkedin.com/in/klhurley/?_l=en_US

:white_check_mark: Familiarity overseeing multiple departments (Engineering, Product Design, Support, HR, Ops, Marketing, Business Development)

Engineering, primarily, but the public company was a Video Game Publisher, which required overseeing all departments HR, Ops, Logistics, Marketing, Business Development and Finance Finance isn’t mentioned in the requirements, but I believe that this is essential to understand when dealing with DeFI.

I have a Computer Science and Master in Business Administration degrees (after starting and learning these skills in the real world)


The project really needs a good CEO that is extremely technical. These are hard to find, but it just so happens my extensive career has molded the perfect candidate for this position.


Consider this my resume for the Head Sushi Chef/CEO Position


The outcome would be to have a great CEO who can help build the Sushi ECO system and is passionate about the crypto DeFI space.


Other candidates might be a better fit, I am OK with that as long as we find the best candidate to make Sushi a success.

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Hello SuperGenius,

Love the initiative.

I might have another huge potential DeFi opportunity for you if you’re open.

Please ping me “robmiller” on Telegram if interested to find out more.

This sort of thing seems in a bit of poor taste. SuperGenius may or may not be the guy for this job but to try to poach a candidate right on the forums before the process gets off the ground? Really?

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Thanks for the submission! I’m sure the team have or will be in contact shortly.

Hi @SuperGenius , I shot you a message on Discord. If more convenient please shoot me a direct message on here & we can coordinate adding you into the leadership search pipeline.

Hey @Neiltbe - I work with CB Recruitment - CoinBureau’s Recruitment Agency, and have an excellent profile in mind and have reached out via other channels but want to make sure this gets to the right place - ex CEO of an exchange, dex and defi experience and very keen on the position

How can I get this person into the process via CBR? @jaywongcb on TG

There’s an open community call on August 25th at 17:00 UTC on the Sushi Discord that they can partake in. They can also post a proposal highlighting their interest, qualifications etc here on the Sushi Forum. @Tangle is the community manager so you should reach out to him as well.

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Thanks - am I right in assuming that this means that Sushi won’t consider working with an agency like CoinBureau’s talent pipeline to find the right person? even if this person is an excellent fit for the role or can I join that open community call and make that suggestion

I’m sure that everyone in the community wants the right person to get the role, and sometimes having people that are embedded in the space with excellent connections to top tier talent through something CBR and CoinBureau’s associated network would be a benefit not a detriment to the community?

@RobotTauss @Tangle

You can shill any bags you have on offer… The process as it is unfolding currently is fairly transparent and in the community view. Jon Howard was initially put up as a nominee by the team using an internal process so this route is obviously open. Reach out to @ImSoftware and @Neiltbe as they appear to be heading up this sort of process. Since Sushi is looking for a Head Chef, it is worth noting that there isn’t necessarily a direct party that controls Sushi so shill your bags wherever they can find purchase I suppose…

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