Enhanced UI for Creating LP

Hi All,

Brand new to Sushiswap as of 48 hours. Non technical but come from a financial background. When funding an LP (i.e. Sushi-Weth) why are you are required to swap your asset (let’s say Dai) for each half of the pair. That should be abstracted away in addition to also needing to swap for each part of the pair in the correct proportional 50/50 split of its $USD equivalent value.

Why don’t we build a mechanism to select a LP pair and fund it with a stable coin. The feature would take the token that the user wants to use to fund the pair (i.e. Dai - I think stables would be easiest but perhaps other tokens as well) and conduct the swap into into each token of the pair. So for example I want to provide $10,000 USD of liquidity to the Sushi-Eth pair. I simply click on the Add Liquidity to the pair. A UI pops up with a drop down to select which token in your wallet you want to use to create provide liquidity and how much. So lets say you use Dai. When you hit create liquidity pair, the dai is proportionally swapped to buy Sushi and Weth, giving you the pair. You get confirm to pay the gas associated with the total of both swaps. Then you can simply start providing the liquidity with one step vs. multiples to swap for each part of the pair separately.

Open to thoughts and if this is feasible. It would be a big upgrade in my view and lower barrier to entry for noobs.

Look forward to hearing from the group.

You might wanna check out zapper.fi. You can provide liquidity with almost anything and it will do it automatically. It can do the staking for you too if I am not mistaken.

Thanks. Is there a reason from a development perspective why we wouldn’t want to abstract that away within Sushi. Or is the thinking that things like Zapper.fi will be what your average user will interact with and Sushi will be behind the scenes for most users?

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I’m kinda new myself lol. I really don’t know, but it would be nice to see that functionality here too. It seems they’re trying to attract more mainstream investors with the acquisition of sushi.com.

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