Eth missing after attempting to swap USDT for Mana


I tried using this app for the first time. Just want some clarity if I’ve done something wrong.

Wanting to swap Tether for Mana and loaded my account for the appropriate gas fees.

Initialised the swap after being directed to Trust, went back to sushi app and was asked for further gas fees which looked crazy. My Eth has been withdrawn with no record.

Any help appreciated.

Hey there, it takes 2 transactions to swap. Both require you to pay a fee.

  1. Approve and allow the Sushi smart contract to interact with your assets in your wallet

2.Token swap.

What paid for was probably the approval. You’ll need extra ETH in your wallet to pay for the swap to happen (Just execute the same transaction).

Feel free to reach out to live support via Discord

Getting answers to questions like this are much more effective in the discord server. Just as an FYI. It is a very active community and they have samurais who are very active. I’d head over to SushiSwap Community and then visit the #support channel.