ETHBrno - Czech Ethereum Con

We are doing an Ethereum focused Con in Brno, Czech republic. I’m here to ask for some funding because it’ll be completely free to attend. Maybe we can come up with a Sushiswap focused talk or workshop? Down below we’ve put together some basic info about who we are and what exactly are we trying to do :slight_smile:

Who we are?

We are a group of Czech Ethereum enthusiasts who want to do more than observe. That’s why we’ve founded and BanklessCzech. is a Czech-Slovak Ethereum community. We do multiple weekly calls where we talk about Ethereum. BanklessCzech is local sub-brand running under BanklessDAO and we mainly focus on getting new users acquainted to Ethereum through various kinds of media.

What is this Con about?

We want to make a local Ethereum focused Con because there just isn’t one now. Our goal is to show Ethereum to new users, hopefully, educate everyone and make connections in our community.

Concept of the event

There will be two separate rooms. One for talks with a capacity of 120 sitting people and one smaller one for DeFi and other workshops. We are also thinking about some panel discussions, but nothing confirmed yet. The smaller room can be for 30 people, but if more capacity is needed, we can manage to combine the two rooms. There is also a café restaurant on the site.

Where and When

The Con will take place in Brno (the second largest Czech city) and the date is set to be 9th October. The Con will start at 9am and will end at 10pm.

Budget breakdown

2 rooms for 150 people – 800$

4 students for general help – 400$

T-shirts and other merch for staff - 300$

Afterparty - We are not sure yet about the costs, but we think that we can manage to make the afterparty happen with 1000$

People can buy food and drinks in the café restaurant which is between the two rooms. We have communicated with them and manage to get them to accept crypto.

People with VIP tickets (people will get the VIP ticket retrospectively for supporting or BanklessCzech on gitcoin grants) will get free breakfast in the coffe shop and have one drink on us at the afterparty. That will cost us around 700$ since there is around 30 people. 500$ for the food and 200$ for the drinks.

Also we must be ready to pay for speakers to stay in a hotel or get a train. If we accidentally break some glass or something, we must be sure that we can cover that too. Then there will for sure be expanses that we just don’t think about now, but they will come up.

We think that all of this can fit under 4000$

Let it be noted that if we don’t use some money from sponsorships or grants it will stay on multisig and will be used for the next meetup.

Things we need to do

The place is booked and ready to use. In order to be prepared, we need to issue some ticket reservation system (The event is free, so tickets can seem useless, but we must somehow prevent the potential problem with too many people). Also, we need confirmation from the speakers that they will be there, so we can count on them. We already have filled around 40% of time slots.

Image 1 - The place we booked

We are open to talk and really adaptable. So if you have any ideas on how we can cooperate then please bring them in.