Farm on Harmony -balance disappeared

I put in farm usdc-usdt pair on Harmony network couple weeks ago. Tried to check balance today - and no any funds in farm found. I’m making something wrong or maybe Harmony net stuck? (the mainnet in the account switched properly to Harmony)

Do you have an address or hash from when you stake.
You are staked and did not just add liquidity? :pray:t4:

problem solved, thanks.

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I’m too, what’s happen the farm? I put USDC/ETH in farm about 2 month ago, now I see nothing in farm.

Support needs to add somethng like “app.sushicom/avax/farms” and probably a “user” view where they can plug in an address and view what it looks like from that addreess’ persepctive

I staked WONE/1BTC pair in a farm, valued at ~$1,300 USD came back the next day and it had dropped to ~$350 USD value but both BTC and ONE went up in market price, I have less staked LP tokens now as well. What’s the deal? Is there a backdoor here at sushiswap? Is there embezzling/scamming occurring? I’ve been using other farms, and have never had a problem till my first time on SushiSwap.

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