Farming stopps suddenly

Hi guys,

some time ago I started farming two pairs: MARS4/WETH and INV/WETH. Everything was fine for the first few days, but then the farming stopped. My LP’s are still in balance. What could be the cause of the failure?

Hey how do you mean, farming stopped? :pray:t4:

I mean that in INV/WETH I can’t reach 1% reward of my pool share and I’m farming since more then 40 days. And if I even assume an APR of 50%, there should be 4% per month.
I have the same situation in MARS4/WETH regarding APR. And the second point is, that only reward in sushi is counted and no rewars in MARS4 even that is listed.

Your mars4 rewards don’t accumulate ?

If you can join sushi discord and ask on support channel: SushiSwap Community
Will be easier to help there.