For more communication in Sushi community and better interaction

I have an idea to increase communication between members of the sushi community
It is a very simple and easy to implement

We can create a group on Telegram, Discord or any other platform
and we agree and choose a day for example Saturday or Wednesday or any other days

and choose time like example 5:00 p.m by GMT time zone or any other time zone and in this time start every week chatting and everyone starts talking at the same time and start to know the other and sent to them messages and start talking about any topic related to Sushi

This way we will build bridges between the members and make them can move in groups in making decisions

Now every member is in isolated island, he cannot coordinate with the rest of the members in anything because he simply does not know the other and there is not bridges between them

The difference in this idea is that it will be a gathering of interested members on a specific day and time every week and for the purpose of more communication and building bridges of communication and speaking will be at the same time.

This will eventually lead to the formation of well-connected and interconnected groups in sushi community capable create ideas, visions and capable of making decisions benefit sushi

Because now each member moves individually and unable to communicate his ideas to others and any effort for most members is wasted without any interaction so it does not affect or fix anything

Who is interested leave a comment and we will start implementing the idea immediately

The idea is to discuss and any ideas I am open to it

Hey…we have a discord. Invite link is at the bottom of under Support. Click that and should take you there.

We also have a community call every Thursday ar 1pm ET if you want to listen in/participate. Check the calendar channel once youre on discord.