Forum Moderation Updates

There have been many proposals to have dedicated moderation on the forum from neutral third parties. Sushi Mod will be a process driven account to respond to and address any moderation constraints, accessible by multiple contributors.

There have also been a few questions regarding moderation parameters. It seems many posts have been flagged for review for three automated rules:

  1. The user typed too fast (typical of bots and the bandwagoning we see on some specific posts, in particular: [Draft] Proposal Deploy SUSHI on Meter - #25 by Goddogo)
  2. The user is too new or has multiple associated accounts (this would result in automatic suspension or else moderation would lack legs)
  3. The post contains embedded media and the user’s account level is not high enough (was set to level 3: regular, now reduced to level 2: member) (on further review embedded media includes the following: pictures, external links, and even emojis it seems - plain text and polls should not be included).

These three automated rules seems to be responsible for almost all the recently flagged posts. The adjustment in rule 3) hopefully will reduce the number of automatically flagged posts due to embedded media.

Will be researching some more as to what constitutes the difference between level 0, 1, 2, 3 and share updates here. Will also be sharing some stats on the distributions of users between level 0, 1, 2, 3. Generally these three rules seem to balance a healthy forum: users need to participate to increase their level and multiple accounts to escape these rules are discouraged. Of course there are still edge cases and many procedural items that are lacking including:

  • Code of conduct, do moderators have the right to flag posts that are not constructive or intense? What are the parameters for this? Many items to be discussed since a consensus is unlikely to be reached on the exact definitions after reviewing various discussions.
  • Procedures to fast track known entities - if a confirmed protocol would like to make a proposal with embedded media etc, what is the process to introduce and request
  • Procedure to elevate from forum posts to core snapshot. While any proposal can currently be elevated to snapshot, a process seems to be lacking which will need to involve eventual delegation, proposal thresholds, and scheduling.

The purpose of this account will be to moderate, approve any flagged posts. We will offer suggestions to moderation throughout to balance constructive participation and accessibility.


A brand new anonymous account will moderate the forum… Nice…


Can anybode explain me why here on suhsiswap a swap from ETH to DAI so extrem long needs more then 45 min and it is not finished yet???

Hi mate, this is not right place to ask the question. Please come to Sushiswap Discord - SushiSwap Community and you will get all the info you need.

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What are the rules? I can’t seem to post, but have not been posting links or images…

What is the requirement to be allowed to submit a forum post? I can’t find forum rules anywhere. Could someone link me?

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I can´t create a own topic yet.
I have a problem with a swap that wasn´t executed right. I posted already on reddit in r/0xPolygon

I tried to swap some Dai to WMATIC but never received the WMATIC.


Transaction actually went well but WMATIC landed in the BentoBox.
To withdraw from there to my wallet I had to go to → Portfolio → Account

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hello my farm doesn’t show up anymore I stayed for 2 months on the farm now it doesn’t show up anymore WETH/MVI WHAT TO DO NOW?

Hello, Can you come over to the discord and ask the question on #Support channel. I will be there to help you.