Franchise Model


Franchise Model


The ethos of decentralisation and open source code means that projects end up trying to reinvent the wheel and ultimately, the majority fail to gain enough momentum, be that because of under-funding when it comes to tech or marketing resources, or both.


Franchise model solves this as it allows teams, especially early stage, to bounce off the solid tech that is run by an established firms (in this case Sushi). Being smaller, means being more agile and nimble, while the core tech might be built/run/services by Sushi, it will allow these teams to enter certain markets quicker and explore partnerships and collaborations that core Sushi team might otherwise find less attractive. But over time, with enough time and partnerships, these new projects operating under “built by Sushi brand” will slowly gain market share and penetrate areas that otherwise would have been captured by smaller competitors.

Case in point when we approached Sushi discord server with this, we were met with gatekeepers response - “…Sushiswap is completely open source and can be forked without permission (except Bentobox)…”. This is hardly conducive to Sushi’s growth as a brand. We ourselves would love an opportunity to enter into a franchise model type agreement and run an offering - “Sushi by team Netherworld”. For context, we are building Netherworld, a gamified environment aka metaverse with access to various defi protocols available across what we called “Circles of Hell” (very ominous title). Characters in this “Circles of Hell” are called sinners. The point is that users interact with each other, play games, compete in battles, create teams etc etc, but also, launch new tools/games/metaverse features etc using launchpad, get protection from a Hellhound (NFT + protocol) of Dogechain, transport themselves across different “circles” depending on their NFT reputation score, scoring model being designed with the help from Orange Protocol. So from the above alone, one can see the need for a bullet proof dex like offering - Sushi can provide us with this and our success then benefits Sushi’s global brand.


Franchise model will require projects to dedicate certain % of tokens (vested) to Sushi’s treasury and pass on certain % of voting tokens. I would start off with 20%, but perhaps more for smaller teams in order to help start-up teams manage early period of operational existence. One year term with an option to extend and with clauses that terminate agreement if deemed necessary.


Yes, let’s get this implemented.


No, we shouldn’t.

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