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Popsicle and mim will help sushi

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they can buy sushi on the market and then work to get a bill of rights of holders signed into place where the rights and checks and balances are listed - instead, they push for centralized top down structures that they suggest themselves or anons to be leaders of


cause it does not have a proper acquisition of the company according to the bill of rights of sushi holders

I think the frogs should check it out

So I said Daniele is very rich

@danielesesta welcome back - glad to see you here again.

This sentence is a great summary of the power and success of SushiSwap:

Your idea about shifting emphasis away from the TVL of these chains is accurate, however, I believe volume is not the only metric. Instead, Sushi should prioritize chains with the largest revenues through fees.

I have a few questions about your proposed restructuring:

  1. It seems as if Sushi will become a peer and part of a product suite that includes Abracadabra, Popsicle Finance, and Wonderland. Is this a correct assumption?

  2. How do you perform governance in the short term? The depreciation of xSUSHI would eliminate the primary governance asset.

  3. Would the governance of Miso and Bentobox exist in the same place?

Looking forward to your responses here.


This is peak middle of the IQ bell curve


Ok, so now we have a Arca proposal, a Samurai proposal, a Dani proposal and a bunch of other options in between. If all these just put one party/person forward that will implement this proposal + anyone else who has a proposal and we can vote on who the community wants to go forward with… wouldn’t that be grand?

This is why I create the interim CEO proposal.

This is not a competing proposal, but more of a META proposal. The longer we wait the more different ways will pop up to take Sushi forward, and even existing proposal will start to splinter into sub-proposals with different factions, different ideas. So why not open it up and allow ANYONE to propose a way forward (including a party or person that will implement this way forward) and let the community decide the way forward…

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I think Dani is a dishonest person. I don’t want him to participate in SUSHIIDAO, otherwise SUSHI will die!

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Re Omakase’s moderation of this forum -

This proposal suggests putting Dani and you @OmakaseBar in leadership positions. The posts you’ve deleted question your and Dani’s integrity. How is that irrelevant? Regardless of their truth content, it is certainly not up to you to decide to remove them or not. I also don’t see any rules forbidding people to comment from new accounts - am assuming this is due to privacy concerns. Please do not make up ad hoc rules as you see fit. Anyways, let’s move on from that discussion but felt obliged to comment as I would appreciate a more level playing field for divergent views, going forward.


agreed. YES,please! $MIM,$TIME and $SUSHI can do anything.

thanks for taking your time to speak on that subject
censorship doesnt come like a storm
it comes a magazine at a time, a newspaper, a painting at a time

I think Shoyu is really important and should not be overlooked.

sushi GM :heart_eyes: we are be strog together and GM!pop!

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agree, tried to vote

If this doesn’t happen, I’ll just apply at McDonalds.

In the short term, who is able to lead the sushi out of the death spiral, and let the price rise, this is very important, do not want to be called a giant frog, but do not want to be due to the team problems caused by the asset decline.

The future is multichain, so is Sushiswap.
Evolution is key in the fast paced space that Sushi thrives in.

Is this proposal still on?

No. We have to vote to undo this.

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