Frog Nation <3 Sushi

Yes, I believe in your vision

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  • mechanism to enable Sushi holders to vote onto Onsen, but with subsequent rewards automated through analytics
  • continuing the work to decentralize Miso through governance
  • extending governance to bentobox and various strategies
  • further mechanism to handle and distribute grants

Agree that a great token model is essential. And the team has put a lot of thought already into implementing these ideas around decentralizing curation into Miso, Onsen and a revamped governance process.

Very exciting proposal,I hope we can go ahead, together we are strong

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Now the community has questions about Omakase’s ethics, so he is not suitable to serve as the head of operations. He needs to make a public statement explaining the #CREAM token loss event!


There is a saying, people don’t leave jobs they leave bosses.
Who we choose to head Sushi next is of great importance, and needs to be someone, or group, who can not only unite contributors, but can also help to restore the communities faith in leadership.

Sadly I feel there are just too many unresolved concerns when it comes to Omakase.
Would very much like to see some of these addressed before moving on.

As for the proposal, it seems a bit transparent and even detached in some areas.
It totally attempts to brush aside concerns expressed at length by the community, and even tries to deflect blame on community managers who have been actively supporting them.

It was awkward to see the main twitter profile suddenly jump to support our democratic process here, and just adds to the already plastic taste in the mouth.

I would caution against putting egos ahead of what’s best for Sushi. Much love.


I am strongly against this proposal.

Simply because of the next actions of Omakase, I strongly believe everyone have the right to say that they are against.

Everything started because Omakase didn’t want transparency, and now, censhorship by Omakase, AGAIN ?

Never my vote here.

And, to be honest, who is behind this proposal ?
I mean, immediately after, it was shared by our official twitter account and some members of our team, which was not the case for others proposal, maybe I miss something no ?

Here is some proof, because everyone need to know and I’m TIRED of this drama.

Sorry Omakase, but you don’t deserve to be at head of operations.
If someone say " Amazing, yes please " it’s good, but if someone said the truth or is against this proposal, you ban and check e-mail ? Congrats, you break everything, again.

Post deleted, I don’t see any violation here, just censorship :

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created_at: 2021-12-13 07:40:34 UTC
user: wellnuss (well)
topic: Frog Nation <3 Sushi
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raw: I'd vote against this one to be honest, Daniele is pretty low integrity guy, he'd just renege on any agreement we made when it became convenient
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created_at: 2021-12-13 07:25:46 UTC
user: jameskent0 (James K)
topic: Frog Nation <3 Sushi
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Omakase has been recently implicated for attempting to push a refund for his own misfortune from Cream hack through Sushi Operations Multi sig for around $100k Sushi which was above and beyond $1m during the occasion. **I don’t have the certainty to place Omakase in any position of authority whatsoever.**
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created_at: 2021-12-13 07:04:14 UTC
user: CryptoRadi (unknown)
topic: Frog Nation <3 Sushi
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raw: Are you serious? Your projects are built on hype, with no real vision or use case other than to entice people to invest based on frog nation hype. Sushi does not require more centralization like how you are doing with TIME.
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created_at: 2021-12-13 05:48:16 UTC
user: jameskent (James)
topic: Frog Nation <3 Sushi
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raw: Omakase has been recently implicated for attempting to push the refund for his own misfortune from Cream hack through Sushi Ops Multi sig for around 100k Sushi which was above and beyond $1m during the occasion. I don't have the certainty to place Omakase in any position of authority whatsoever.


Yes, I totally agree with you, at least Joseph, Omakase, Rachel, Keno, Nori
These 5 people should not appear in SUSHI leadership positions.


Not enough details in this are regarding the expectations and responsibilities of these three leadership positions. As well as the rights of Sushi and limitations of power within this partnership, I’d like to see more.

What kinds of changes would require a vote vs delegated to leadership? For example


damn, this is actually totally fucked. I’m good with the proposal moving forward to a vote if daniele can name a dif head of ops. also all 3 should pitch themselves on the forums, call it a decentralized interview.


If Daniel is serious about building Sushi back up, then he is more than welcome to apply for one of the roles the restructure will create.
There will be room for new people taking on responsibility, there will be room for new partnerships forming, there will be room for people within the current team to flourish, there will be room for outsiders to join.

But right now this feels like taking control and using the existing infrastructure to boost his current projects without solving any of the fundamental issues.
Don’t get me wrong, what he says about the fleet of sushi products is correct, and I have no problem working together with Popsicle, Abracadabra or Wonderland on projects while decisions are made on a case by case basis.

A complete lack of the community beeing able to keep tabs on our leaders leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
There seem to be a lot of people supporting this proposal, but most of them are new accounts, so take it with a grain of salt. The community seems to prefer the other proposals put out in the last few days.


Long proposal

Short too long didn’t read by me:

Daniel wants to get more access to the community: they want to set up and gain legitimacy as a special board along with @OmakaseBar

Anything with a centralised structure that has a lot of decisional power behind closed doors is BAD cuz it’s not TRANSPARENT

Setting up power grabbing institutions is kinda shady, while this proposal is basically a “hire these three people to fuck your shit up in many ways”

Just make hire proposals for each individual with each of their policies and then do open AMAs for the community to confront them individually before hiring

Also I think this is likely a supply chain attack from Omakase to take over more of sushi governance

Act accordingly.

EDIT: got banned from the sushi discord after vocalising that omakase is behind the ongoing governance attack


Today, many new registrations vote in agreement with Daniel’s proposal. I think it is very strange. It should be suggested that those who registered today cannot participate in the voting. Accounts registered at least one month ago have the right to vote


dannie will bing sushi to a better future


I think this is great and I am all for it !! LFG

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This temperature check is invalid imo. It’s an affront to the idea of a DAO. Censorship exists to suppress and control opinion. The harvesting of negative comments from the forum during this process should deem this invalid and corrupt.

Furthermore, it should be revealed which team members have acted inappropriately. Showing bias tweeting from official channels is social media meddling.

We are a DAO and we deserve a fair say in our future.

The snapshot for all votes regarding the reorganisation should be taken from the day before the accused team members were made aware of the rekt lit article. They are still in positions of power as today has demonstrated.

This way we will be free from censorship and corruption. We can choose our future fairly and without unfair influence.

Don’t be bullied or silenced during this process.


Sorry what are you saying here? We should do away with xSUSHI rewards?

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No thanks.

Is ‘Visionary/Strategist’ code for CEO. There’s real cognitive dissonance in the way Dani preaches decentralisation while acting to centralise power, under himself. It’s a cool trick, referring to himself as ‘Frog Nation’ whenever he wants something he says or does to seem like it came from the community. Dani’s idea of decentralisation is him making unilateral decisions that he assumes the community will agree with, cutting out the ‘superfluous’ part where the community actually has a say. If SUSHI holders want to hand over governance to Frog Nation i.e. Dani, then vote for this proposal. That’s what is being proposed here. I certainly wont.

The mind boggles that anyone could think this is the right path forwards. Transitioning from one leadership team, who acted without transparency, often in their own interests, to another team that contains members of that old guard, and the (D)Centralisation king himself at the helm.


What is needed rn is execution. It has been shown that a normal hierarchical structure works best to achieve that result.
Only with the powers to make decisions it is possible to get a clean path forward.

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a lot of the posts here are from new users which were likely brought on by the people involved in this hostile takeover that’s going from Daniele and his friends

Please proceed with utmost care and think things through. If you’re going to put in a new structure in the company when we don’t even have any bylaws voted on by the partners or associates, we’re gonna have stuff crumbling down.

I got banned from the Sushi forum for speaking out against the LLC partner Omakase coming with his associates and trying to take over the companies’ accounts after they previously failed to take ownership of our other product, Bentobox


Dani becoming the interim CEO for sushi is the most entertaining outcome. He will make Sushi a dex you actually want to use, and align the team members so they ship products rather than complain about politics. The synergy with Wonderland - Abra - Popsicle are clear - together they can form a safe and secure, DeFi ecosystem across dozens of chains.