Game with marketplace powered by Shoyo

A top-down shooter game with NFTs powered by Shoyo.

Blockchain powered games are the future, at least NFT based games are. Two recent explosions in the space are Axie and Lost Relics(over 1000 daily players)

For about one and a half year I have quietly been working on a Top-down multiplayer shooter in Unity. The reason I think my game will be a success is because I focus on two main features: The ability to play together and Game First.
Something the blockchain gaming world currently lacks is a multiplayer game where you can actually play either together or against each other. The whole point with a NFT powered game is to be able to show off or take advantage of your cool gear when beating down someone. My main focus is the PvP aspect, and the ability to do instances together with your friends.
Game First is where you focus on gameplay rather than monetization. If anyone of you have played either Axie or Lost Relic you know what I am talking about. Both games lack fundamental gameplay hooks, which keeps the player entertained. Even without these features these games thrive only because of one aspect: NFTs.

Some gameplay pictures to show you the basic look



The game takes place at the same time as we are, only with the small fact that a zombie virus has started to spread. The pictures above are at the start of the game where the player wakes up on a roof with other survivors, where the player can get jobs to do different things such as clearing zombies on the street down below, or gather food.

The future

If it is possible to integrate Shoyo into Unity I believe that we are onto something big here. If we succeed, there is nothing stopping us from building a SDK with a tutorial showing how others can integrate Shoyu in their game.

Currently I am using Nethereum(The developer, Juan, is awesome!!) to communicate with the blockchain, and web based APIs are no match for Unity, so i see no reason why it would not work. I don’t believe that there is much work(or any) required by the Shoyu team. I would simply require access to the API and contracts.


Within 6-7 months I strongly believe that I will have a playable closed beta client running. I am looking for funding for that period. I would need 6k sushi to be able to survive and develop this for the next 7 months. That is no where close to the software engineer salery I come from. Server costs and what not is also included here.

For this the sushi community receives: An NFT based game with the ingame marketplace powered by Shoyu. The same fee structure would apply, benefiting xsushi holders.

A splashscreen when starting the game. “Powered by Sushi” etc.

A lot of exposure to players who normally does not use blockchain, and learns how easy it is to use sushi and its children(?).

And the ability to maybe in the future make a standalone SDK where developers easily can integrate Shoyu into Unity. (Right now Enjin is the go to platform, and trust me: They suck. It would be no match for sushi to out compete them.)


Yes I would like to see this game be made, blockchain powered games are the future and I want sushi to take part in it! The benefits to xsushi holders are enormous!!! Plz proceed.


No, this is madness. A total waste of money. I cannot see how this will benefit xsushi holders Plz dont proceed.


Feel free to contact me in the sushi discord as “Cryptojanne” or on twitter as CryptoJanne if you have any questions, and please if you have an idea that might make this proposal better and benefit sushi even more PLEASE SHARE!

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