Get Djangaux a Lambo


provide @BrahDawg a Lambo with a paint job that properly represents Sushiswap’s trademark or colors the DAO deems fit. If not possible, then a large severance package should be provided in lieu of.


Required, If I’m to cruse around like a crypto big dog, the Lambo would be a game changer.


Need donations from all to make this dream come true. Lambo must be no older then a 2021 model.


The ladies.
If I get the Lambo and you live within the United States. I’ll let you swing by and sit in the Lambo. Which you will get a picture of yourself sitting in the Lambo for the memories occasion.


Those which disagree, only do so out of assumed pure jealousy and different degrees of hate stemming from their also assumed Association with hate group organizations I.e: KKK, al-Qaeda, Frog Nation, etc.

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  • No

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Ser, I applaud you taking the initiative to make your life more rich and fulfilling. Such endeavors towards bettering oneself I cannot deny. For this, I completely support your proposal.

However a point of contention. You offered us the opportunity to give you a lambo, but you never specified what color the lambo should be. It’s just flat disrespectful to the DAO if we don’t have a vote on this. If we’re going to be coming by for photo-ops, we need to be sure this lambo is absolutely BALLING and is fit to the collective tastes of our shareholders. Maybe we can just make it pink/purple, throw that neon blue on it, then slap some sick Sushi decals on the doors/hood.

And so, I can see the vision now, @BrahDawg . You have my full support. We can and will dream that one day, every single xSushi holder will have their very own Lamborghini - even the ones with just a single sat…


(This post was flagged for satire.)

Very valid points. I’ve edited the original proposal to suit your concerns which I hope will bring any doubts to rest. Regarding the photo op. I have a Canon D60 along with photoshop as well as other editing software to ensure the pictures are of a quality you will undoubtably frame and hang over your fireplace.


Might help with promotional aspects. Very expensive but I say yes.

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Lambo To The Moon!!

Lambo To The Moon!!

Lambo To The Moon!!

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