Global Collaboration

I spent some time searching for info on how to use SushiSwap correctly. I found a few vids that helped and read through a lot for the info provided by the site but still had and have a ton of questions. I’m not exactly new to crypto but I am also not a developer or someone super skilled in computer language. I am the every day guy down the street who want’s to put his hard earned money in to Crypto in hopes of creating a better life for his family first but also dreams of a new world financial system not debt based where we the people are the banks, collectively we establish a monetary system that is good for us all as a whole and allows anyone who works at it to get a leg up. There has been oppression and division for far to long. We are all humans, we are all people, we are all deserving of equality. My dream is that this amazing blockchain based, digital/crypto economy is the beginning of just that. There does not have to be a revolution for an evolution. I aim to stand in peace and with education to usher in this new world.


Hello Jon, you can start here :

We are going to try and ramp up the educational side asap

So onboarding new user to the crypto economy isn’t too difficult !


I feel like you, for me it also takes a long time to try to understand how Defis work in general, I keep trying. This is not taught in college and information read to an unenlightened is always shadowed. Perhaps in the future we can organize Zoom events in different languages.

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