Head Chef Finale

With the Sushi Head Chef Search, we’ve made an explicit commitment to finding, evaluating, and undertaking a formal leadership search across the entire Sushi organization.

The Head Chef open invite mic sessions have concluded, and each candidate has had the opportunity to write up a final proposal answering team & community questions. With that, we are now down to 5 candidates and will be formalizing the final stretch of the Head Chef Search through a snapshot implementation vote.

Each of the 5 candidates will have the opportunity over the next couple weeks to keep campaigning and bring awareness to their desire to become the next Sushi Head Chef.

Final schedule for the process is proposed as so:

  • Today - 12th of September: Snapshot Proposal is live to finalize this schedule and commence onto the Finale of Sushi Head Chef Search.

  • Weeks of September 12th & September 19th: candidates will have the opportunity to meet directly with the Sushi Team & additional community members to pitch their candidancy. Additionally, continued campaigning and candidate discussions will take place in the Sushi discord.

  • 22nd of September: All 5 finalists get a chance to debate and defend their answers to team & community questions during the #97th Sushi Forum Call

  • 26th of September: Final Implementation Snapshot - final vote on 1 out of 5 for becoming Head Chef of Sushi

Finalist that will take place in the final phase of the Sushi Head Chef Search will be all 5 candidates.

Additional info is included here for each candidate, to link to each candidates formal proposal & timestamps during open mic sessions:

Additionally if any of the candidates want to put out anymore info / updates regarding there candidacy, please drop them here or link them in this post.

We’ll try to keep all discussion going forward for the Finale of the Head Chef Search within this forum post as well.


Thanks, team; I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks of discussion and detailing plans for Sushi. :sushi:

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(1) Team/Community interaction - can I suggest that all 5 applicants have an Open Mic to field questions and pitch? (Fairness suggests a ‘no-peaking’ rule for the other 4.) Plenty of time to schedule in the next 2 weeks. You can get to know us…

(2) Invite all 5 Finalists to the 97th Community Call, BUT have a strong chairperson and clear rules (think US Presidential Debate.) The Chair and Community/Team should put forward several questions/topics to ask each Finalist in turn, sequentially, and then allowing debate between Finalists. So, answer the question yourself … and then challenge your opponents answers. This can be optimal if well prepared and properly managed.


@JiroOno Since your post mentioned we might make updates to our proposals, I’d like to speak on the recently voted compensation package and go on the record regarding my severance. I’ve been thinking intently about the proposed severance package of 6 months (250k value). If elected Head Chef, I will withdraw my severance package allowance. This will earmark the 250k back into the treasury for use where the team and community deem essential. My time in crypto has afforded me many opportunities and financial liberty, and placing an undue burden on the Sushi treasury in the current market climate is not my intent–I do not need a severance package. Instead, I aim to come to Sushi to effect change and revitalize the brand, and I am fine assuming the risk of no severance.


Jared is a very honorable and smart man and I would echo his proposal. Employment in the USA is ‘at will’ and so contract length (24 month proposed) AND the Severance package (6 months = $250,000) make no sense. Moreover, they send the wrong message to the community. I will forego BOTH. Remuneration of $500,000 pa and 750,000 tokens, with the appropriate strike prices, is more than generous. That should suffice. I’m also coming to Sushi to rebuild the brand.

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I would also like to see ALL Sushi employees on contract, something I instigated at Telos for my 15-strong marketing team. There should also be some rational basis for cash and token comp: Managers should earn no less than 50% of the Head Chef’s cash comp; and all employees should earn no less than 25% of the Head Chef’s cash comp. Well paid teams are happy teams!

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Dropping / Linking additional info for Head Chef Finale and to use this post as the forum post for the snapshot vote.

Congratulations to the Sushi team and the candidates for getting to this point. I’ve made my vote. It was much harder than originally thought. That’s the benefit of the process we followed here. Although I ended up voting for the person I nominated, it was really nice to have 5 good candidates to choose from. I look forward to continuing my community involvement with Sushi regardless of which candidate wins.

It was healthy to have an open process to elect the candidates. The candidates all did a great job in describing their vision for Sushi. In a non-traditional form of governance, I think we all did a pretty darn good job on this experiment.

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Thanks Nick - It was a great process!