Help, Buy BITDAO with Sushi

Where can I claim my bitdao that I buy with sushi since I can’t find it miso.sushiswap
Donde puedo reclamar mis bitdao que compre con sushi ya que no la encuentro miso.sushiswap

Hi there, with that same wallet you used to purchase BitDAO –

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Select Miso
  4. Then select BitDAO with Sushi Token
  5. Click claim
  6. Approve transaction (Be sure to have ETH in your wallet to pay for gas fees)

hello ,

I need to Claim my BITDAO too.
But there are 2 options,
BitDAO with Sushi Token and BitDAO with ETH Token,
what is the difference and how would I know what should I choose ??
I bought my tokens on auction in august .
Please help ! thank u!

Hi, do the same as explained above but choose “bitdao with eth” instead of sushi.

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please help me too. I could not claim my tokens, after 3month, post auction!!!

Hi, unortunately it do not seem to work

You will need to claim directly through the smart contract. Please follow this:

  1. Go to Auction contract This is for if you commit eth: SushiSwap: Miso BitDAO Auction 2 | Address 0x4c4564a1fe775d97297f9e3dc2e762e0ed5dda0e | Etherscan For sushi commit: SushiSwap: Miso BitDAO Auction | Address 0x831dc63790468299c57928809ec4ea34dc8c475f | Etherscan
  2. Connect your wallet 3- Scroll down to 32.withdrawTokens 4. Click write, validate in your wallet

If gas fee is really high (say 2 or 3 eth), it’s trying to tell you something like you already claimed tokens or it is the wrong auction contract. If that happens don’t send it.



Can I give you my hash no, to check?

Yes, but can you please join discord server (SushiSwap Community) and come to #support channel there, as it will be much faster to get some help.

Here are auction pages for BitDao: - if you bought with Ethereum - if you bought with Sushi

Should be able to claim through whatever one you did it on.

Discord 99% scammers. I tried in October, Nov and dec too! so, scrap… I sent DM to Zapacheenie, no reply! ( Steve Herman )

I never claimed it, as I would see it! Came a huge ETH Gas fee…




Amount + gas fee

Max amount:

I sent hash in Discord already to Steve Herman, who forwarded to the Sushi Team.
what now?

Scammers are particularly ruthless on Discord, yeah. Ask one question and 10 will flood in to your messages with fake links.

Those two pages are on the updated Miso launchpad which is hosted on the main Sushi app now. Old website has been phased out. They should work just fine to claim old funds. Alternatively you use Etherscan and directly withdraw through those other links sent from CryptoLamer.

You could put a hash in here of your commitment transaction if you like, but all we can do is just tell you what numbers to punch in to Etherscan and whether or not your commit was actually successful.

Try :// and connect wallet there