Help For Newbie. Getting Sushi to Sushiswap

I already have some SUSHI on an exchange. And want to get it to the swap to stake.

Can I use Metamask Binance Smart Chain, or Metamask Polygon Chain?

I have Polygon chain connected but haven’t used it yet. Willing to send SUSHI and or USDT, but not sure how. Send to it to Metamask, will it go to Ethereum Chain automatically or what chain? then need to change to Polygon.

I don’t want to pay any ETH fees.

Also, your recommendations for staking or farming, or…?


Hi there,

Staking Sushi (Sushi → xSushi) is only available on the Ethereum Chain. All you need to do is withdraw your Sushi to your Metamask (ETH address) and then take it to the Sushi bar (SUSHI) to stake it.

Also feel free to head over to the Discord #support channel to get live support.

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thanks , maybe i will use the discord for future use. Is there a way using Polygon though, or other way to avoid ETH gas fees?

Unfortunately no, there’s no way to stake your Sushi via Polygon or BSC for now.

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thanks, i guess i will just pay the fee and stake for long term with more