Help! Transaction didn't complete. Lost $$$?


I hope someone is able to help me.
I was not able to complete the my transaction in time on sushiswap from the ethereum network to the polygon network. It went through the first phase, however I did not have enough ethereum for the gas fees to complete the transaction at first in my metamask wallet. I went to transfer ethereum into my metamask wallet, but the short time I transferred funds into my metamask I went back to try and complete my transaction and the button was no longer there for me to complete on the sushiswap page, (it was as if the site had refreshed on me.) Did I just lose the funds because I wasn’t able to complete it from the network due to unable to pay the gas fee?

I hope I can get some help on this.

Hi, can you join the sushi discord and ask for help in #support channel ? SushiSwap Community

You seem kinda new to this and it will be easier to help there.