Help understanding plz!

I am interested in Sushiswap n have been trying to read up on it along with other cypto, but seriously giving myself a headache everytime I try n understand this stuff! Is there a place I can go that puts all this sophisticated termology into dummy version for myself? I want to put alil money into something over some time while it’s fairly affordable n watch it gain value over time! Hopefully! Like BTC I guess… can someone please give me a few pointers or tips as to what to maybe do to one day be happy with my decision today… I don’t have alot of $ but every week I buy into sushi swap or whatever lil here lil there could all add up over time… then when this goes huge n there is limited supply it could be worth a ton… idk just want to try n make a move to better my wife’s future, n mine to of course!

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