Help with using SushiSwap on Polygon

Hello fellow Sushi fans,

I’ve come here looking for some help with using SushiSwap on Polygon with MetaMask.

For background, I’ve followed all of the steps to add the Matic mainnet to MetaMask, and I can successfully interact with Aave on Matic.

The problem on Sushi is that when I click on Polygon from the dropdown to switch over from the Etherum network (while MetaMask is connected to the Matic mainnet) nothing happens — I’m still stuck on Ethereum. And I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.

Any tips or tricks on how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, cheers!

Seems like a weird browser UI thing. I’ve used that drop down a bunch without issues.
Which Browser are you using, have you tried others?

Thanks for the response! I’m just using Chrome, guess I should probably try Brave though. It’s just so weird because I can still use Polygon on multiple other DeFi apps with Chrome.

Update: I switched to Brave (should have been using that all along I guess) and it works! Thanks again for the help, really appreciate this!

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Ah not sure what that is, but I’ve only used Firefox and Brave so maybe there is something with Chrome. You’d think Brave being based on Chromium it would be ok but it could be anything.
And no problem, is normal to think something is wrong, esp. if it worked for another dapp, a little confirmation and you know it’s worth trying something else.