Hire BoringCrypto (me) as Lead Architect for Sushi

Sushi and me

For the last 4 months I’ve worked pretty much full-time on Sushi. From the exciting start, through the drama, through the migration, through the low times of an ever declining Sushi price to the exciting road ahead we have now.

Some of my contributions to date:

  • Did the first and only test migration on Ropsten testnet
  • Created https://app.boring.finance
  • Identified the problem with SushiMaker and fixed it (serving of USDT was broken)
  • Took over protocol maintenance from SBF and team. Created tools to manage the MasterChef contract through the TimeLock and multi-sig wallet effectively.
  • Championed and organized the Menu of the Week system
  • Proposed and implemented emission reduction schedule
  • Implemented 2/3 lockup (even though I wasn’t a fan of this solution :P)
  • Invented and created BentoBox and the BentoBox Lending solution
  • And I’ve been helping out in the discord and discussing many proposals on the forums, writing some Medium post to inform the community, etc.


While working on BentoBox I’ve developed my vision of where I think we can go as Sushi as I have laid out in this post: https://boringcrypto.medium.com/bentobox-to-launch-and-beyond-d2d5dc2350bd

If the community at a high level backs this vision, then I’d love to turn this vision into reality in the role of Lead Architect for Sushi. This role would involve the following:

  • Setting a roadmap for core Sushi development
  • Vetting the roadmap with the community
  • Delivering on the roadmap together with the core team and many great contributors
  • Helping/guiding any “side projects” to create the best integration with the core Sushi protocol
  • Communicating the planning and progress made and incorporating feedback

In terms of hard skills, my focus will be on:

  • Designing, writing and optimizing the Solidity code
  • Standardizing and optimizing of coding patterns within the full stack

I will NOT be doing the “people management”, such as hiring, firing, etc. These responsibilities lie with 0xMaki and the community. I will work collaboratively with the current core team as well as the many great contributors we have.


  • Coding since 1982. From optimizing assembly for the Pentium dual pipeline, via large enterprise databases, through 3D engines to making embedded systems play the Imperial March.
  • Built a CEX from scratch focused on security and transparency in 2018 (great tech, no users…)
  • Founded, ran and sold a shopping related website (1.5M unique visitors/month)
  • But mostly, you can look at my contributions over the last 4 months to Sushi

Quarterly Performance check

Every quarter I’ll put up a proposal on snapshot to end my role as Lead Architect. If the community is not happy with my performance, this will be an easy way for the community to move in a different direction.


First I’d like to point out that with the rising price of SUSHI, I do believe the core team is currently a bit overpaid. Although we have to keep in mind that a large part of this is the reward for believing in Sushi when things weren’t going great and sticking with it and taking a risk. This risk should be rewarded.

Since I’ve been part of this ride since the beginning I feel it’s fair that I would receive compensation in line with the other members of the core team (or the compensation of the core team should be adjusted, which I would support).


Please vote yes if you:

  • Agree with my vision for Sushi
  • Think I’m the right person to implement this vision
  • Think I should be compensated in line with the other core team members

Just vote no if you disagree with any of these… thanks :slight_smile:

  • Yes, let’s go!
  • No

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Would love to have you on the team! :grin:

I think you are right, the compensation needs to be reviewed but I don’t think we can cut the salary of the early core member. Unless they all decided to do so, which I doubt, this will not be ethical to do so.

I’m still working on the hiring guideline. I would say it’s 70% done.
I hope this will help and officialize everything with you. :relaxed:


I’m happy to reduce my salary by 50% of the fees I receive from BentoBox. Keep in mind that I’ve barely received any compensation for the last 4 months of work (37k SUSHI total, most at a time when it was worth like $0.60. Of that I used 10k SUSHI to pay Keno and Johan for their help on BentoBox). If BentoBox generated enough fees, there will be no need for Sushi to pay me. This was already my plan, but I didn’t want to focus on this too much in the post.


The majority of it (25k) I received at $0.67 on the 20th of October.

Anyway, it’s not about the money. I’d rather that the entire team gets paid less (I think the salaries should be fixed in USD, but part can be paid in SUSHI).

I’ve been in this with them since the start and I’ve kept SushiSwap technically afloat at the protocol level behind the scenes and turned Sushi from a vampire clone into a protocol that does innovation with the introduction of BentoBox. (And with this I don’t want to take anything away from all the hard work that the core team and the wider community have put in.)

There is no argument that I would be paid differently than other OGs. So the only reason to pay me less would be that I brought less VALUE to Sushi. If the team or community values me less than other team members, than I’m not interested…


The other option is to backpay me for services rendered and 100% of the fee I make from BentoBox will be deducted from my salary.

Thanks Boring for your decision to be full time dedicated to Sushi. I remember very well that the community was disappointed when it was not possible to have you hired in the past at the beginning. Finally we have this chance.

I fully support the compensation package in line with the core team.
Its clear that your contribution until now demonstrate your competence, dedication, loyalty and synergy with the rest of them. And, from the new revenue/profit stream point of view, your contribution is, at least until now, several times higher than anybody else (core team or contributors or else).

I will never forget that you was considered a core team member by the community during the very difficult times, due to your dedication and availability to fix any issues, propose major improvements, fast delivery of any promise you made, just few months ago. You took immediate excellent actions (detail proposals, corrections, etc ) for the future of Sushiswap and you are the architect already of the 2nd main revenue/profit stream (BentoBox). All this without being a founder or core team. All this in less than one month, as side jobs.

I am sure having you full time will add huge value for all of us, innovative things in the next 6months-1year that I (we) cannot even imagine (who thought about something similar with bentobox -concept-pla-ncode-delivey in 3 months for ex.?).

I do think everybody who followed Sushi from the beginning knows you, read your comments, post, witnesses you fast reaction to help /improve, your strong commitment for efficiency, deadlines and constructive approach.

PS I will like to have also Zippo in the team

Thanks and best wishes,



Keep up the good work Boring!


I had the absolute pleasure to work closely with Boring on BentoBox.
I appreciate his vision and dedication to place SushiSwap on the landscape of the DeFi ecosystem. What I believe will allow SushiSwap to differentiate itself from the competition is constant innovation.
What differentiates a good from a great developer is the ability to design and envision this future. Nobody could deny this quality for Boring.
Apart from his technical qualification, he is also someone to easily get along with. Someone who hunts for the best solution regardless of whether it was his own or proposed by someone else.


Well, even if that was the case, and it worked, that would mean a huge revenue stream for xSUSHI holders :wink: And if the community isn’t happy, I’ll try to fire myself every 3 months… :wink:

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I agree that it doesn’t make sense to get fees + salary. I think that we can find a good middle ground here as I agree that Boring has been working a lot in the last month on Bento.

Boring is the REAL DEAL.

Not only has he been substantially contributing to SushiSwap since day one, but he’s also been on-hand over the entire course to solve problems as they arise and in an efficient manner. That’s without even discussing BentoBox, which alone will bring an enormous amount of additional value to Sushi holders, and strategically position Sushi towards a great 2021. Most importantly he had the courage to do it, publically, while knowing the world is watching. This quality should not be underestimated. He would be a great asset to SushiSwap.


I can tell his proposal and implementation of the emission reduction and 2/3 lockup was very effective to stop sushi price further dumping, not even mentioning the BentoBox yet. He is really passionate about those solutions and working so hard to bring it to production. In my opinion he deserves to be paid for all his contribution. I support the proposal.


I’m all for having many people building many cool things! This is one of the exciting things about Sushi! But if you’re drilling a tunnel from 2 ends, you’d like to meet in the middle. :stuck_out_tongue: This requires some level of vision and planning to see how the individual pieces fit within the larger eco-system.

The goal is to avoid ‘design by committee’ while leaving everyone as free as possible to contribute, own and explore. When all the pieces we create work together well as a system, the outcome is better for all.


I don’t see any numbers on the Compensation section…

You can check the compensation for the team, mine would be in line with that. BTW, you don’t have to keep creating new accounts, you could have done all that ^^^ from just the one account. :wink:


While adjusting salaries to market movements sounds like a good idea, cutting salaries now would be a really bad decision imo.
SUSHI can’t hire people and slash their salaries 3 months later…this is not good for our credibility.

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Yeah, this should of course only happen if the core team decided to do this. The community has voted on these 1 year packages and already approved them.

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I don’t think there can be a standardized pay. As with the last hire, compensation depends on a variety of factors first and foremost the risk of the future of sushi and sushi price which both have changed drastically since first pay.

Keep up the good work boring. I think you deserve a bonus for putting in such quality of work for the past 4 months without guarantee of proper compensation. I also think that 1% of bento box could turn out to be a large figure if we can get uniswap / aave big.

I think contracts would benefit from being shorter termed for sushi employees as the ecosystem changes so quickly.

I notice that with newer projects they get a lot more interest into marketing and into management as people hope to leverage positions into future earnings. I think it would be a worthy endeavor to create a “carrot” to dangle for community participation. Even small rewards incite action. Or just any way to create a more active community. It seems like sushi is very decentralized/segregated in its spheres of action which leads to inefficiency.


Christmas is in town. :slight_smile:

You gave a birth to BentoBox, which is a blessing to us as a Christmas gift.

We are at a very important milestone that BentoBox will be a savior not only to Sushi but also to the entire DeFi world.

I truly respect Boring’s talents and achievements. I was one of the persons who directly contacted Maki to hire him asap the other day. Boring is not only a very talented developer but also a brilliant visionary and thought leader. We need him within Sushi asap.

With that being said, the wide mass adoption of the amazing BentoBox ecosystem you have envisioned will be fully made only when all benefits are purely meant to go to the people, not to the creator behind it. We can open up a new DeFi 2.0 with Sushi/BentoBox echo-system being a new open public platform for multiple protocols to join.

I’d like to suggest you to join the team as the Core Dev and share your vision.

I said Yes here but there’s something more to it here.
I have kept saying that our project will grow to a multi-billion dollar project.
We should keep the fairness and the positive team spirit for all core devs to work closely and effectively.
For that, I hope you can take a moment for all of us and the future and here’s my suggestion.

  • We have to keep the compensation streamlined and fair enough for all devs and the future. 1% dev fee was not set in stone in your original BentoBox proposal if I remember correctly. With 1% fee, the adoption, maintenance and expansion of BentoBox will not likely go smoothly with the upcoming more teamwork efforts despite your initial thoughts either. I’d like to ask for your generosity to give up 1% fee for the success of your baby and instead get an extra one-time “BIG and ENOUGH” SUSHI bonus on the launch of BentoBox. With Sushi being a multi-billion project later on, how much share of it you are sitting on will be more fruitful.
  • Never change existing members done deals. Get the same regular compensation package as that of the existing team members. You have been here helping like Core Dev since Day 1. I guess you more than deserve this exception.
  • I am not a big fan of “Flat Organization” but it’s Maki’s Yearn Org direction. Maki is our leader and I’d like all of us to follow his direction not to use “Lead” word.
  • Our devs and the community will be godfathers of your baby then.

We all want you Boring. Stay with us!


Btw it’s crucial for SUSHI to be 101% transparent, if we want to be a key part of DeFi.
Whatever we decide to do previous deals should not be changed without a vote