Hiring Guideline

Hey all

Some of you probably read the proposal to hire Clearwood.
There is also a nice proposition done by TimClancy: A hiring model for wider solicitation of talent

I would like to officialize the process and add to it.

1- 0xMaki or anyone in the core team could discuss the need for an extra member in the team.

2- The core team vote if yes or no, it is required.

3- Official announcement that Sushi is looking for a new role. (like any other company when you search for a new employee) We should post on the forum, Twitter, discord, and more.

4- After that, people create a proposal on the forum to explain why they should be the one taking this role.

5- We then create a vote with all the proposals.

For the salary question, we need to clarify that. We can’t keep paying people 500k. This is unsustainable.

There is a lot of ways to do that but the important part is: what are the facts to take into consideration.
1- Sushi is not incorporated which adds some risks.
2- Sushi doesn’t provide, health care or retirement.
3- Sushi has, like any normal company, a cash flow.
4- Industry-standard has 4 years vesting with a 1-year cliff.

Based on that, the core team should propose an open position with the salary that is linked to it.
Since not everyone has the same knowledge and experience, the salary should be a range.

Hiring Guideline
  • I like this idea. Let’s create guideline
  • Not sure this is needed

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Interesting proposal! Thanks for drafting it. I wanted to add some thoughts on several specific steps of the process:

3 - I’m assuming we’ll encounter situations in which the core team already has a candidate in mind when posting an opening…and that’s fair game. But I would recommend being very transparent about it to avoid people thinking the game is rigged.

4- I love the idea that people can pitch themselves to be considered for a position. But would that involve an interview process with the core team? It would be far too easy for applicants to fake their credentials if there’s no KYC. Also, it might be relevant to add a trial period (one month?) during which the considered hire works on grant prior to the recruitment being formally validated (in Sablier).

For applicant proposals, we should have a template to make sure that every application is reviewed based on the same set of criteria (background, abilities, ambition/vision for SushiSwap, etc…).

5 - What would we use for voting? It is known that there are some massive imbalances in governance, with wallets yielding a lot of SUSHIPOWAH. And the votes in the forum can easily be tampered with, as we’ve seen with MotW. I think the final hiring decision should remain with the Core Team. We could involve the community in the pre-selection process (Core Team would interview/review the top 3 applications, if they are relevant obviously).


Hey thanks Pedrowww
Agree with all your point.
I will add them to the formal guideline proposal.

3- yes the team may have someone in mind but it is fair to give a chance to everyone.

4- Agree with the trial version. We should vote what should that be and give a grant for it.

4.5 - A template is a great idea. So everyone get evaluated based on the same base.

5- For that point, I think that SUSHIPOWAH is still the right thing. Maybe we could do a quadratic version of it for hiring to make sure we represent the community as much as possible. Just an idea.


After reading the topic about hiring Clearwood, I don’t think the community should have a say on the salary of single team members. In my opinion this is something the core team and the applicant should agree upon, and it should be communicated to the community afterwards.

The team has much better knowledge how much someones work is worth and how much sushiswap is able to expend.


Yeah, someone of the core team should take care of the negotiation…community will always vote for the lowest salary, which isn’t good if we want the best devs

Good point. We don’t have as much “skin in the game” compared to the core team. I also agree that it would be a misuse of energy from the SUSHI community.

Perhaps having the potential candidates share a little bit about their background and why they wish to be a part of SushiSwap would give us the assurance we’re looking for?

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Well, I still think that the community should have a say at least on the range of the salary, and after the range of the salary and the need of new role are approved, the Official announcement will be released and the range of the salary should be mentioned in it.

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By the way we shouldn’t treat sushi as a traditional company, we don’t want the burden of a formal interview and we don’t need it.
Sushi and DeFi are open-source, you don’t need KYC or credentials to evaluate someone because code is king and everyone can look at it.
Formalising the hiring process is ok, but hyper-formalising it is extra work we don’t need.
Also, an interview process like that would create a “race to the bottom” as someone else called it…and we definitely don’t need a race to the bottom.
In other words we don’t need random devs from the internet to show us their credentials or motivations, because if someone is truly interested in sushiswap he can start building and let the code speak for himself.
In summary in DeFi the only interview or KYC you need is the code you write, there’s no need for anything else.

Personally I think that Maki or someone from the core team should handle the negotiation part (and take full responsibility for it)…they surely know what’s happening behind the curtains and they know better than me or anyone else what sushiswap needs now


I agree that we should not make that too formal, but don’t forget that in a company there is other stuff to do than code :wink: Operations, Marketing, UI/UX, …
I’m writing something up and will publish it when it’s ready.


I think interviews are key to evaluate the applicants’ mindsets, their commitment to what is being done, their vision and approach, as well as personality. We don’t have to mimic what well-established companies are doing, but we shouldn’t forget that a project is as good as the sum of the individuals behind it. Interviewing is a good way to make sure that all of them are aligned.

I agree with you on the negotiation side of things. The core team should have full authority on compensation packages (with a bit of wiggle room based on profile/experience)


I’d call sushiswap a community (not a company), and like all defi communities we have 5-10 devs/team members doing 90% of the work and thousands of people hoping to profit.
All I’m saying is that a candidate shouldn’t be negotiating directly with the community, which is essentialy made up of profit-takers…things have worked until now so I don’t see the need to bureaucratize.

I agree with you that the core team should negotiate but we should give the opportunity for everyone to apply :wink:
I should have something soon

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Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us :slight_smile:

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I agree that alignment is important. Rather than just hiring any dev that could ship killer products, it would be reassuring to know the intent of the dev and how they see themselves fitting into the bigger picture of SushiSwap.

+1 on core team having full authority on compensation packages. Having the community involved could risk having too many chefs in the kitchen.

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This is I said in clearwood’s proposal, maybe it helps. It is important to pay the amount of sushi with fixed usd value, not fixed sushi. If the price of sushi dropped, so they can get more sushi to compensate, if the price goes up, they get less sushi. The value is always fixed in usd.

"Can we only paid sushi valued in usd, like 200k usd worth of sushi, if sushi is 10 usd when pays salary, just deliver 20k sushi, not fixed 200k-250k sushi? If sushi is 10 usd, how can we pay 2.5M usd worth salary to a dev?

For example clearwood asked to pay 1. 60k usdc+250k sushi, or 2. 100k usdc+200k sushi. I would recommend: 1. 60k usdc+250k usd valued paid with sushi, i.e. if sushi is 5 usd, pay him 50k sushi, if sushi is 10usd, pay him 25k sushi. 2. 100k usdc+200k usd valued paid with sushi, if sushi is 5 usd, pay him 40k sushi, if sushi is 10usd, pay him 20k sushi. I am confident that sushi will be 5-10 usd in 2021. BTW, 300K USD total is already very high, like 0xNigiri said, it is 50% more than best engineers in silicon valley. It is very likely that google apple don’t hire devs in crypto, because threshold is a little lower.

And plz don’t forget to make KPI to measure team members’ performance."

SUSHI is not a company, I think it’s not appropriate to compare SUSHI to Apple or Google
$SUSHI is very volatile and what’s worth thousands of dollars today could be worth nothing tomorrow…when and if $SUSHI will be consistently traded at $10 we will get things into perspective


I think it makes sense to draw comparisons between SUSHI and the early stages of Google or Facebook because these companies were once very volatile too until it isn’t. It’s important to remember that SushiSwap is only few months old…

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Here is the link toward the hiring guideline that @Pedrowww and I worked on with the help of the community: Sushi Hiring Guidelines V2

Let us know what you think.

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