Hiring Proposal [Part 3]

This is the last of 3 proposals that I am putting out to help put a base layer process in place to allow the Sushi team to move forward in terms of governance, budget transparency, hiring and more. The implemented process should evolve over time according to the requirements of the DAO.

Part 1 - Community Oversight Committee Proposal [Part 1]

Part 2 - Governance Process Proposal [Part 2]

I would like to propose an implementation of a hiring and performance review process for current and future Sushi contributors. I recommend that the Sushi core team be given a 1 year trial period to operate and hire autonomously under the watchful eye of the ‘Community Oversight Committee’.


  1. Provide a layer of checks & balances with regards to the hiring of Sushi Team members and leadership
  2. Creation of a formal process to allow interested community members to contribute more actively towards Sushi initiatives
  3. Allow the Sushi core team to hire/create specific roles for expansion/as and when needed
  4. Avenue to evaluate performance


  • Implement a process to screen and evaluate contributors to the Sushi framework e.g Bounty programmes via Dework
  • Ensure that contributors who wish to take on bigger positions, possess the relevant skill set to execute
  • Curate a pool of active and effective freelancers to support projects
  • Protect proprietary information about Sushi and its processes


  • Central platform to post job opportunities and requests
  • On-Boarding Checklist
  • Creation of a HR Coordinator role to facilitate the process
  • Generic email to submit the “application form” - e.g hr@sushi.com
  • Work Agreement Form (contains job scope, remuneration, basic clauses etc)
  • New joiner handbook (introduction to the Sushi network / contact list)

On-Boarding SOP - New Hires

On-boarding Checklist Template for Interviewers

Information & Qualifications:

  • Discord & Twitter username
  • Relevant Work Experience / Past Contributions
  • Reasons for joining Sushi
  • Motivation for working in crypto
  • Community Member Referral (if applicable)
  • General understanding of the Sushi platform and network

Job Scope:

  • Proposed Role
  • Scope of Work & Duration
  • How the role will benefit the Sushi team, token holders, and the community
  • How the Contributor plans to tackle the role / projects
  • Expected Remuneration

To create respective forms and templates for the following items
Work Agreement Form (To be completed by Team Lead):

  • Scope of Work
  • Deliverables / KPIs
  • Remuneration
  • Duration Term

Basic Clauses:

  • Evaluation
  • Termination
  • No-compete

To be completed by New Joiner:

  • Discord username / Twitter handle
  • Personal email
  • Country of Residence
  • Acknowledgement / Declarations

Performance Review
Both the Sushi Compensation & Community Oversight Committees have their re-elections in January & June. Thus a full committee (8 members) should be present during the performance reviews happening in March & October.

The decision to suspend/terminate a contributor is to be made by both the Sushi Compensation & Community Oversight Committees. No governance snapshot is needed unless the contributor holds a position of a Team Lead and above.

Implement a hiring process

  • Yes
  • No

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It is a solid idea, but I think it would be better if a clause is included that possible conflict of interest needed to be reported before a person can work at Sushi.

Very streamlined and transparent. You got my full support sir

We desperately need a hiring and compensation focus. I proposed a compensation process many months ago, for signal. I fully support hiring proposals and compensation proposals.

We will not be able to grow and develop as an organization if we cannot hire credible and qualified candidates. Beyond the hiring, we cannot keep talent if we do not have a transparent and competitive compensation plan.

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