How come Etherscan shows 204M tokens instead of 250M?

SUSHI on etherscan

In the discord faq it is stated that max total market cap will be 250M. Will the remaining 46M still be minted or were some tokens burned?

It will be totally produced at the end of 2023 due to inflation strategy


What contract mints? And what happens on a mint? Each block mints 40 SUSHI (currently) and this SUSHI goes to the MasterChef LP staking Pool?
What follows is that an LP who stakes his LP tokens can than withdraw his 1/3 of SUSHI from the Masterchef LP staking POOL?
In this example a user withdraws his staked SLP tokens and a mint occurs of which 10% goes to the dev fund and 100% to the MasterChef contract of which 329 out of 502 SUSHI than goes to the user. The problem is that the numbers don’t seem to add up. Why isn’t the full 502 returned to the user? Or why isn’t it 1/3? What am I missing here?

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1/3 you receive immediately
2/3 unlock after 6 month lock

exchange profit are 0.3%
0.25% going directly in assets from provided pair
0.05% going to XSUSHI staking pool

amount of SUSHI returns during LP token staking is volatile, % changes
you can check your profits in Portfolio page

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