How Decentralized Content Marketing Can Lead to Scaling Labor and Services for SushiSwap


Cambrian Protocol has built a no-code composer that enables buyers and sellers to build smart contracts to manage labor and services. We call these augmented smart contracts Solvers and we propose that SushiSwap test these by first using our content marketing Solver. Our thinking is – using the Solver will have a simple/proven positive ROI for SushiSwap while being very low risk. It will also help the community see how Solvers can be deployed for larger labor and services efforts. This is the real unlock for SushiSwap. We believe smart contracts will be central to the future of work. So, the sooner SushiSwap deploys customized smart contracts for labor and services, the sooner SushiSwap joins the future of work.

The first test we are proposing is for a content marketing campaign with Bankless DAO. This includes funding a content marketing Solver with $10k USD worth of $SUSHI to cover the writing of an article and the promotion of the article.

A first suggestion for the article will be to have it discuss SushiSwaps’ future of work opportunity and SushiSwaps’ plans for growth. But we will poll for comments to refine the subject for the article. Maybe an article about the Head Chef Hunger Games?

The article will be written by a member of Bankless DAO’s Writers’ Guild and promoted via Bankless DAO media channels.

There are two goals of this proposal. 1) To begin the process of leveling up SushiSwap’s ability to scale through labor and services by introducing the ability to power jobs with custom smart contracts. 2) To test this with a content marketing custom smart contract (we call these Solvers) since it is a type of “job” that will benefit from decentralization AND worst case scenario it has a basic marketing ROI.

Cambrian Protocol is an open source future of work project that believes using smart contracts to decentralize work will make the world a much better place. We see SushiSwap as a perfect early partner.

The Solver is built and very turnkey so all that is needed is to connect with a marketing lead at SushiSwap and fund the Solver (see test budget below).

The Content Marketing Solver will be funded. We propose a 10k test budget that will include 3 articles with promotion. We will provide campaign ROI data and a follow-up proposal to ensure ROI is captured.

The Content Marketing Solver will not be funded.

Additional Background

Using a smart contract to source and promote content marketing is… well… smart. After the first trial we will propose a recurring program and explore options of how promotion budget can be flexible and topics or even writers can be sourced from the community and spun up/down based on need for increased commentary.

From there, the community can explore other types of Solvers that can be used to scale SushiSwap. Cambrian Protocol is open source. Our mission is to drive the future of work and we’d be honored to partner with the SushiSwap community in that journey.

Tell Me More About How This Will Evolve SushiSwap

Cambrian Protocol places the ERC 1155 Conditional Token Framework at its core. We are deployed on Arbitrum One to optimize for transaction costs and security, and we leverage Ceramic for advanced functionality and UX. We augment our core smart contract framework with flexible allocation conditions and modules like arbitration, messaging, IPFS storage, time clocks, oracles, web-hooks, front end UX, and so forth. We have a no-code UX to make it easy to deploy Solvers. The central thesis is that the future of work won’t just be general bounty contracts. It will involve fully configurable smart contracts that tightly align to communities and to jobs.

An example of a big unlock would be any recurring work where a Solver can reduce bottlenecks or create flywheels for growth. The content marketing Solver is where we’ve started because projects need a constant flow of content marketing. It’s low cost, low risk, and frankly, a growth hack for Cambrian Protocol. The real question is – once the SushiSwap community wraps their head around Solvers, what will evolve SushiSwap? Community management, user support, IRL event augmentation, proliferation of DEX integrations, front end design, technical writing, document translation, meme generation, product design, product innovation, regional marketing… and on and on.

What is in it for Cambrian Protocol

We’re working on the future of work over here. We are a Techstars company, and we are part of the Chainlink Startup community. Really though, we consider ourselves to be a core-unit that promises to build for and exit to community.

Come say hi!

We are planning to release a token that captures revenue from value added services layered on to the protocol. Things like arbitration, fiat on-boarding, escrow management, in-contract stable coins, and more. The future of work will not be built by a company. So, a token will ultimately be used to distribute protocol revenue to all users. This will enable buyers and sellers to own their marketplace for work, their data, and the dApps that manage their jobs. It will also allow the protocol to scale as we create incentives for the community to build and innovate. For example, if you create a new Solver that helps SushiSwap scale, the “Creator” of said Solver could receive 51% of the DAO revenue from said Solver. It is also an open ungated system. If you find a Solver that you can “sell”, that’s all for you.

For now, we’re charging a flat 2% fee on transactions. Honestly, so there’s skin in the game. Again, open source and regenerative through community and value-added services is the end game here.

What is in it for Bankless DAO

98% of the budget. Bankless DAO is providing the writers and the promotion. This offers them the ability to pay writers and to sell their media (newsletters, podcasts, websites, social channels etc. with significant reach). As well, there’s a role with this Solver that we call a Keeper. This is a decentralized project manager and/or salesperson. The “Keeper” is responsible to select the best writer and ensure the media is optimized, and ultimately to find new buyers for the Solver. The Keeper receives 2% of the budget, the writer receives $400 per article, and the Bankless DAO receives 4% of the budget. Bankless DAO is negotiating media costs (CPM) with another more centralized marketing team and will offer those negotiated rates to SushiSwap. This will make up the remainder of the budget.

Test Budget

We propose a 10k test budget that will include 3 articles with promotion. We will provide campaign ROI data and a follow-up proposal to ensure ROI is captured.

Should SushiSwap Participate

  • Yes (run the content marketing test and go from there)
  • Yes (but let’s lower the test budget)
  • Yes (but let’s discuss further and potentially test something else)
  • Not Sure
  • No

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