How Did Sushi Fund Bento? What Was The Life Cycle?

Greetings Sushi Forum,

I am new here and would love to join the discussion in more depth. Before I kick off with my question (as you can see in the title), let me provide some more context on who I am.

I am the community manager at a DAO-in-the-making. In order to avoid making this look like shilling or spam, I shall avoid naming the project. Although I have followed it for quite some time, I am quite new to the crypto field. I have left my job and have been employed full time in the crypto field for about 2 months now. Hence, excuse my ignorance, where applicable.

Back to my question. I have been paying close attention to Sushi and Metacartel in particular. But, because I have come into the DAO sphere quite late, I am not overly clued up on some of the inner workings. I would love to find out more with regard to how the Sushi DAO actually makes funds out of deals? For example, I know Sushi funded Bento. Iā€™d like to know what the lifecycle of this project was from start to finish?

I have loads of additional questions around this topic. Would be so great if I could start in-depth discussions around the whole DAO community topic. I will try and be active and engaging. I have become totally enthralled by this world.

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.

All the best, FoundryBee.

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