How to maximize xSushi returns

Hi Sushi community,

Will someone please help me understand how to best maximize my SUSHI returns when utilizing the xSushiBar?

Currently, I am just staking my xSUSHI and letting it accrue reward fees but I feel that I am not maximizing the potential. I wonder if parking my SUSHI as long as I could would be the best course of action? Like does having my SUSHI staked longer would generate greater returns?

Maybe some of you lovely folks could share the strategies you use to get higher returns from xSushiBar?

Thank you!


Hey, I saw that nobody has replied here for a while, and I am sure you were able to figure it out already on your own. But I’ll answer anyway in case somebody else stumbles upon it.

In short, for xSushi and the Sushibar the best thing is to set it and forget it. Currently there is no way to maximize returns. Just letting them sit there is already the best thing to do.

There might be other ways to earn money faster by providing liquidity to farms, but I never did the math on it to be honest.
If you just want to earn interest on your sushi, without the risk of impermanent loss, no way to lose any sushi along the way, then just putting it into the SushiBar is the way to go. Currently there is no reason to withdraw them unless you want to sell them, keeping you xSushi as xSushi is the best thing you can do in that scenario.


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.

I’ve been doing that but just wondering if there’s any opportunity cost I am missing. Seems like there is none so far after reading what you’ve wrote. I like the sound of risk free impermanent loss so probably just gonna leave my SUSHI in SushiBar until better options pops up.

Sell SUSHI? Hahaha… Thinking of adding position instead xD.


Without and accurate APY figure it is hard for people to understand whether to park sushi in the SushiBar or to put it to use in farming. If this can be worked on that would be welcomed!

They did clarify that 0.05% reward fee as the APY figure. With new developments coming, there will be more opportunity to generate yields for SushiBar stakers… it should be exciting…

I recommend checking out this app ( built by @BoringCrypto himself. It helped me and I am sure it will benefit other Sushi users too.