How-to Video Storyboarding & Animated

Hihi - would anyone be interested in putting together a little team to create how-to and explainer videos for the current range of Sushi products?

I know we’re Constant Revolution In Progress and the UIs are subject to change, but perhaps we can start at the simplest and progress alongside the rollout of UI updates.
I imagine we need to start with a list of Products & all possible interactions a User can do, after that we perhaps create a storyboard of how we’d make each products videos separately - the User Journey they might take.

then we’d script 'em up, get some slick animations and screencaps, record some voiceover. done!

  • actually screen recording examples of every contract interaction may end up being prohibitively expensive on Ethereum - so may need some more technical guidance to either “spoof it”, or run it all on testnet
    *may need advice on future UI plans from Chester/Cabbage/others working on UI across our products :slight_smile:

Yes, great idea, sushi needs more information and tutorials out

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