How-to Video Storyboarding & Animated

Hihi - would anyone be interested in putting together a little team to create how-to and explainer videos for the current range of Sushi products?

I know we’re Constant Revolution In Progress and the UIs are subject to change, but perhaps we can start at the simplest and progress alongside the rollout of UI updates.
I imagine we need to start with a list of Products & all possible interactions a User can do, after that we perhaps create a storyboard of how we’d make each products videos separately - the User Journey they might take.

then we’d script 'em up, get some slick animations and screencaps, record some voiceover. done!

  • actually screen recording examples of every contract interaction may end up being prohibitively expensive on Ethereum - so may need some more technical guidance to either “spoof it”, or run it all on testnet
    *may need advice on future UI plans from Chester/Cabbage/others working on UI across our products :slight_smile:

Yes, great idea, sushi needs more information and tutorials out


I would be interested in getting involved with this. I actually am most interested because I want this to already exist lol
Where or who could provide the information that would need to be visually explained? I would like to learn more about the sushi products and LP pools etc etc.
Im interested :smiley:

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Yeah me too!
Do need to get a hang of things with the help of proper tutorials

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awesome to hear you’re keen!

right now, I’d say this idea might fall into the scope of what our noble Samurai are hoping to achieve. check out their proposal that’s currently running: Samurai v2 Proposal - #8 by hhk then maybe hit some of them up on the Sushi Discord if you’re super keen :slight_smile:

I will say that with current focus on restructure and everything, incl. some products getting a facelift/upgrade, it may be a little while to anything like this would get off the ground - though by the same token, it might be a nice easy win at the moment.

Samurai or Marketing team, any thoughts on content?