HYVE Proposal for SushiSwap

I will start by presenting HYVE and how we can collaborate together.

We have a user base of more than 50k dedicated followers, the payments are instant and safe and always escrowed. Everything is on blockchain, and by now we are live on ETH, BSC, Polygon, and Fantom with 20 tokens integrated as a payment method.

We want to have a call with the SushiSwap team to see how we can work together. We can add your token as a payment method and offer our onboarding services if you want to post a task/job (in case you are looking to hire freelancers). Book the call here.

We can also set up a telegram group with HYVE’s CEO, Tudor Stomff, so we can discuss further details.

Integrate the token/blockchain into the HYVE freelancing platform and post tasks/jobs to hire freelancers.

Increasing the utility of your token by integrating it as a payment method and making our platform used by all the SUSHI holders.