I deposited sushi tokens to bento box and they do not show

I deposited my sushi tokens in bento box and i can’t find them. They disappeared from trustwallet. With the following info. No idea if I did anything wrong.

Recipient: 0xF5BCE5077908a1b7370B9ae04AdC565EBd643966

Transaction Hash:


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@Mdonosa - sorry to see this happened to you.

Would it be helpful to try the support channel in Discord? Seeing a lot more of these posts on the forum recently.

I am sorry to hear this. Was this on mainnet? I was not able to find that TX hash. It also appears that you sent tokens directly to BentoBox, which could cause some difficulty.

Thank you for the reply. I used the sushi app within trustwallet. I am new to all this so I have very little understanding of how things work. Yes, I think I deposit it to the bentobox.

It looks like the deposit was successful. So you are saying that this doesn’t show up for you on the BentoBox application?

Correct, it doesn’t show up. Unless I am not looking in the right place but I have been searching all over and can’t see it anywhere.

Is there a way to recuperate the tokens? I tried everything I could think of with no luck. I thought the platform looked very promessing for a bigger investment on sushi coins but loosing coins with a straight deposit to bentobox is very concerning for future investing.

Sorry ser but you are not supposed to send funds directly to BentoBox.

Most contracts don’t have functions to withdraw funds directly sent to it.

What happened the the deposit then and who is the owner of the tokens?

Oh nevermind, just saw the transaction you linked above (Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan), you deposited normally.

Can you join the sushi discord and tag me in #support channel, will help you to withdraw from contract directly.

I joined discord but how do I tag you?

fortunately, your coins are not lost. I hope we can resolve through UI to show balance but you can also retrieve through etherscan. Looks like we have community (HHK) to walk through recover :~).

Yes you guys are very helpful. I did not expect to find this great support.