I dont know what happened

after trying to add liquidity to a farming pool yesterday, My etherium has disappeared. Can Sushi Swap tell me what happend?

have to checked to see where it is on zapper.fi or checked the status of the transaction in metamask?

What happened?
Would you share the transaction?
Any chance you sent it from a hardware wallet to your metamask wallet when approving, then didn’t have the fee’s to complete adding liquidity or something?

If you share your wallet address we could probably take a look for you, alternatively you could join the #support channel on discord to get help, if you don’t feel comfortable posting your wallet address here.

We would need the time that it happened, to look at the different transactions to help troubleshoot.

thank you so much! here is the transaction has


with meta mask i did clicked on a farm stake and had no SLP or something this is the transaction hash! you are very kind, thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

thank you so much! here is the transaction hash0xd9990b0f14ba2dceaf5a85841ff53ee129e4133976417ffe5054b8aabdc7be35

Hey. I am sorry for your trouble.

So where did you get the address from? “0xC3D26A986ADB7c3EF9BF739cA6F81d823682AA02”, it’s the one you sent the ETH to, it doesn’t seem like a SushiSwap address (unless I’m missing something? @Icedcool).

You have two attempts to SushiSwap routers that fail, as they ran out of gas.
(SushiSwap: Router)

Then you have the final one to this other address that sends ETH here: “0xe92C04cd34fA44b23A63AA9a2aFA21e2C7027d61”

Where it’s received ETH in batches a bunch of times and redirects it almost instantly (minus gas fees) to a Binance address.

Does look a bit concerning, I’m just not sure it’s Sushi related.
Where were you trying to send the money, where was the address from?

@maka & @Bnatural

Yea, I’m seeing the send of transaction:

of 3.076311664295912 Eth to wallet:

Who then sends it to wallet:

To binance:

For reference:

You can see your IN transaction at txn hash: 0xd9990b0f14ba2dceaf5

It is worth a shot to reach out to binance support, and share these transactions to get help… but it might be tough.

Sorry we can’t help more, and good luck!

I believe i was on Sushi swap farm , I was trying to put the ETH on a liquidity pool, I dont know where that address came from? Im thinking someone noticed the failed fransactions and was waiting for me to make another failed transaction and juped in front of me with the nonce number. Because after looking on blockchain explorer I noticed a page that showed the wallet i dont recognize and the nonce number. does that make any sense to you? Are you able to see where this receiving address is from?
Thank you for your time, You are as cool as icecream!

Thank you so much, for your time and direction. I will reach out to binance and ask them for help, Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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