Idea: Monthly SushiSwap Community Call

I’d like to propose an idea. I think it would be good to have a monthly (or perhaps even more frequent) community call on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Perhaps we can start with a test run one, and then decide on whether or not to continue it from there.

@0xMaki let me know your thoughts on this, and if you’ve already thought about such.


  • What’s been done lately
  • Future developments, proposals
  • Q&A

I think getting some sort of official announcement about a community governance call would also attract a lot of attention, so it’s important the call discussion is structured well. I think makerDAO is a good model to work off of

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Great idea.
Right now Maki has to repeat the same things over and over on our Discord server, but a weekly update (maybe with youtube live streaming service) would be useful.
Something like Charles Hoskinson’s updates on Cardano’s development…short videos only to let people know what are we doing and what are the latest news.

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