Income Statement Request


Income Statement Request


We need an Income Statement written out, INFLOW/OUTFLOW of funds; similar to how a publicly traded company would do it for earnings. SUSHI still has a 1 BIL MC, so this is not an unreasonable request. And we have the receipts/transactions to verify. This Income Statement should be easily read and discerned by the public. The importance of this is paramount IMO, as one of the things holding potential investors back is uncertainty. A detailed accounting of inflow/outflow will be a new beginning, a way to reestablish TRUST


To re-establish trust in SUSHI. This is just Step 1 (as proposed by the Sushi-Price-TalkDAO) Goal: A price per token of 100$ USD for $xSUSHI by 7/1/22




The SUSHI Holders


The misuse of SUSHI funds. Not an accusation, as this is simply the discovery process.


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This will eventually come with more oversight and accountability measures, and what you are referring to is a cash flow statement not an income statement.

Proposing a goal of $100 for xSushi – or more than 10x todays price – in a mere 7 months from now is a distracting and unreasonable statement from your previous point on having audited financials.

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Yes for transparent accounting. Not sure how it will be the sole contributor for the price appreciation, though :sweat_smile:

I’m cool with calling it whatever you want probatacta, but you’re opinion is lacking here. Also lacking is your understanding that SUSHI is a vastly underperforming project, so if you have an issue with the goal of 100$USD, then maybe you have a better proposal for the community. I feel like those with an underperforming portfiolio based on their SUSHI holdings will take my side in this matter, but please, do help us attain that cashflow statement.

Graine, that is only step 1. Once we attain that, then we will move on to step 2, but not before. Step 2 will relate to a LIVE Roadmap with weekly accountability and measurement. I’ll explain more after Step 1. Thanks for your reply btw .

The P/E ratio of Sushi is around 5 as of writing, so yes I am aware of its underperformance and potential for price appreciation in the future.

I think what you are getting at is using KPIs for performance based pay using the UMA protocol. See the discussions on the compensation forum post for that, but I am in full agreement we need alignment of incentives, not just a vague price target goal.