Incubator Partnership Proposal: Sushi <> New Order

Summary: New Order seeks to partner with Sushi to co-incubate projects and make Sushi the liquidity hub of future project launches through Miso auctions platform and Onsen rewards.

What Is New Order: New Order is a new permissionless incubation DAO, generating long-term value by building and launching early-stage financial protocols, applications, tools, and infrastructure. The DAO will support and launch projects across all layer one ecosystems and explore DeFi markets surrounding new digital asset classes, including NFTs, data tokens and more.

Abstract: We view Sushi as a valued infrastructural partner, and as an intended member of our new incubator, we aim to deepen both our partnership and our exposure through bootstrapping xSUSHI token holders with NEWO supply. 2% of the New Order token NEWO, vested over a year, is distributed to $SUSHI for their support in bootstrapping LPs of our token and all future projects we launch through Miso. The value which is distributed to incubated project LPs is at the DAOs discretion, as we are planning to launch anywhere between 10-15 projects in the first year alone. This mutual exchange will further align our common goals as New Order will be accumulating $SUSHI while Sushi will have exposure to the New Order ecosystem beyond our planned Miso launch on December 9th.

Motivation: Despite long talks with the Sushi team, we mutually decided it was best to put this partnership opportunity up to the community. We encourage every partnership proposal to go through forum to increase maximum transparency with the community, thus sharing the most exciting news publicly.