Integrate Tally Wallet - Metamask Killer!

Tally is a is a free, open-source Web3 wallet built and operated by the same people who use it (community owned). It is a direct response to the shift towards corporate-run, closed source software in today’s most popular cryptocurrency wallets (i.e. Metamask)

Core Community Values

  • Access over privilege
  • Open source over restrictive licensing
  • Community ownership over centralized profiteering

Right now we have launched an early release of the Tally wallet browser extension, called the Community Edition. It’s a chance to start using Tally before the full release later in Q1.

The current version of the Community Edition wallet is able to:

  • Interact with DeFi dApps like Yearn, Keep, Synthetix and Saddle - as well as many others!
  • Estimate gas costs more accurately than other Web3 wallets
  • Track a multiple address portfolio using the Overview feature
  • Easily import your Recovery Phrase from MetaMask
  • Create a new 24 word Seed phrase through the wallet
  • Be used in a read-only mode, allowing you to view any address and connect to dapps.

We think that our philosophy aligns with that of Sushiswap and want to ask you to integrate Tally into your dAPP.
Wallet connection libraries that are supported right now are Onboard.js, Web3react and wagmi-xyz.
If you using a different type of connection system, ping me or head over to the Tally Discord at and discuss the options.

Please check out more information here;

Or feel free to comment or message me with any queries.

I hope you’ll back this proposal and help us build a web3 wallet open to all.


Hey! Will do a deep dive into Tally soon. Curious if you allow for QR Code wallets like Keystone? Big fan of that Hardware Wallet. If not, what HW Wallets do you support?

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Hey Tangle,
Thanks for getting back and the interest.

Currently we’re working on Ledger and hope to have that integrated soon (within next couple of weeks I think) and then will begin work on others.

I’m not hugely technical but can direct you to our Github;

And I’ll also set up a channel in our Discord for Sushi so we can ask more experienced Dev’s etc anything else needed there.

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Would love to see this proposal pass.

I’m a Tally community member and intend to make Tally my primary wallet and would love to seamlessly use it on Sushi!

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Looks good! Not against metamask, I think things can co-exist. Community is the soul of web3.


Hey Tangle.

Just wanted to drop in to mention that the latest release now has Ledger support. The dev team is heads down on adding additional HW wallet support.

You can download the latest version through the Chrome store. The feedback so far has been that it’s a very smooth experience.

We do need to move off of metamask, tally is a good option.

The internet was ruined the day a web browser turned into an operating system. I think most are sick of Chrome OS re-puked in every color. btw that is also open source and abused to the maximum as you well know.

Nothing is safe unless you make it yourself which would require MANY things including paying for patent licenses almost nobody can afford.

Opensource means nothing to nobody but marketeers as most people cant read source code and if they can who can keep up with 50 new languages coming out every time somebody decides to make a new buzzword.

Fear mongering with safety and security is a bit dated and overdone at some point you just look like an idiot to the idiots who you want money from.

Community cant validate they own anything substantial in any of these online defi dapp protocols and 0 projects have shown any of their community enough incentive for anyone to even word of mouth grow a community beyond media outlet spam.

someone tell me im wrong so i can join you in this wonderful world painted of defi and be your own bank and take ownership if your stuff so you can hold yourself accountable even if someone else scams you with a blind sign contract that wrecks you because there is always a smarter dev.

I am abrasive i know, being kind serves no purpose on the internet but to point out who to stay away from.