Is there a "Newbie" section for beginners using SushiSwap

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but as it relates to using the site and Sushi in general, this was the closest forum that might address such things. Basically, I am looking for something like the “newbie” corner of the forum because I am flummoxed as to what I can or cannot do.

For example, I have some sushi in my wallet that is connected to Sushiswap, which sees the balance, yet, it seems I can do nothing with it. I can’t seem to “Approve Staklng” from my portfolio, as clicking it does nothing. This is also the case if I try to stake to a pair. On the “Home/Beginner” page, I can’t swap (“insufficient liquidity for this trade”), or add liquidity, and the “historical data” box in empty, which is confusing as it sees that I added sushi, which is historical data, but perhaps not the kids the box cares about? It seems that the only thing I am allowed to do with my sushi tokens is send them somewhere else, and that is from my wallet… so there is literally nothing I can do on the site itself. While I am new to DeFi, I am not new to crypto or tech, as I mined bitcoin years ago, and work in tech (and did not have these problems on Uniswap), so, I assume I am missing some detail somewhere that you assume your audience will naturally be aware of, or should be aware of if they want work with Sushi.

If this is not the place for this kind of question, is there such a place? I am sure (or, at least, hope) I am not the only person who would benefit from a forum for newbies to Sushi/DeFi.

Thank you


May start here: SushiSwap 101: A Beginners' Guide & FAQ | LevX Blog
Then if you have more question, ask at discord, there are people who would love to help you

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Thank you. Here is that discord link in case someone else runs across this post, as many of the discord links for sushi are no longer valid, from what I have seen.