Is this email a scam?

It came from

If i clicked on this link do i have malware on my phone now? I got this email from the same address as the activation email and i think its a scam. Do i need to get an antivirus thing for my phone?

Good rule of thumb - don’t click on the links that look suspicious. Especially if you did not request the export.

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Thanks man. Do you think i should get an antivirus app like norton or mcaffee? Ive heard hackers cant hack iphones but idk. All my accounts sre still safe.

Telegram call : SushiswapENN
This is orginal telegram support for sushiswap? Because to solve my problem they want connect my wallet by

that’s a big nope friend. If you don’t recognize the website they are sending you to, don’t connect anything

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Also since I can’t make a new post, can someone let me back in the discord. I keep getting auto-banned for my discord name: Taliskye​:ocean::trophy::deciduous_tree:#7376

From a chat with Maka and mirandaniel ages ago it’s due to “autobanned for word in name”. I’ve changed my name a few time to prevent it but I keep getting autobanned. Had the same thing happen with the ETHDenver server and they were able to whitelist me, is Sushi able to do that? Miss all the Miso and other assorted calls from your server.

Hey homie, I revoked the ban for you. Can give it a shot to rejoin, although it might autoban you again if you’ve also been hit on multiple other servers.

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