Issues with the account

I have buy Sspell from sushi with AVAX something went wrong can you please help me . This is my account 0xfCcc5C168253CCFc203536c7b4c48819287B8E62

I have lost my AVAX when I sell my SSpell .
This is a very big issues if other people will do what I have done. They maybe will have issues too please check and get back to me email :

When I buy Sspell

Transaction Hash:


And when I sell my SSpell

Transaction Hash:



Hi, mate, better come to Sushiswap Discord server - SushiSwap Community ask your questions in the #support channel. You will get all the help there.

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I got blocked from the discord for not answering the captcha in time.

How do I get unblocked? Can you DM one of the mods there? My user name is the same, DrunkenMaster.


Sushiswap Discord link is not working. There is no channel to ask.

Removing stake and harvesting is not available for BCT/USDC farm. The “Confirm Withdraw” and “Harvest” buttons are not working. It seems that there is a bug on sushiswap UI now.

Sorry to hear the discord link is broken… Could you please try going through, there is a link to the Discord at the bottom.

The link on the website is also broken…

Try this link