Kashi + BentoBox hackathon

To celebrate the launch of Kashi Lending on the BentoBox architecture, I would like to propose a month-long hackathon for products built on top of BentoBox.

To be eligible for prizes, products must be built on top of either solution. A project needs to have an easily accessible, implemented user interface. Potential submissions could be entirely focused on frontend work, like building a page that shows insolvent positions across Kashi or utilizes the power of Kashi’s batch tool and cooks up exciting new recipes.
Products need to interact with Kashi or BentoBox, either on a smart contract or frontend level.

The projects are primarily evaluated on UX, market readiness, innovation and gas efficiency.

For this hackathon, I am proposing the following prize structure.

  1. prize: 30k USD
  2. prize: 10k USD
  3. prize: 5k USD

All eligible submissions will receive 1k USD in SUSHI.

Special prizes:

  • 5k USD: BentoBox wrapper for rebasing tokens
  • 5k USD: at the jury’s discretion
  • 5k USD: voted upon by the community

The jury will consist of SushiSwap core team members and selected legends of the DeFi community.

Additionally I propose to award 30k USD to the first 10 projects that are production ready on Kashi/Bento.


  • Yes, let’s start
  • Not for now

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My suggestion to those who may enter is to create a web interface that shows what is going on in Kashi without needing to connect a wallet.


Started building something, can’t wait to submit it !


This is great. Let us try to bring some delicious Mushrooms to BentoBox


I have 3 ideas I would love to rock out for this.
This is a great idea!


How about somthung from the UMA proticol? Like a KPI option, were if Kashi hit X amount, the option would be redeemable at that time. I know some people over there that could help us with that.

How is this thing moving? I planning to do something, no idea yet what to do, but something. Should we just send it somewhere? Or is there going to be an official announcement?

How about a KPI option for anybody migrating funds into Bento Box. Redeemable once it hits X amount?

I always have marketing ideas on Youtube if Sushicore team allow me