Kashi farm bug involving BADGER/USDC

There are two different Kashi Farms for BADGER/USDC showing different TVL and APR. This is the ONLY farm like this, so I assume it is a bug.

Additionally, I have provided some BADGER/USDC liquidity, and neither of these farms are recognizing my LP token balance when I go to stake them.

Kashi farms are lending farms, not LP farms. And these are two different farms - first one you lend USDC and people are borrowing it using their Badger as collateral, second one - you lend Badger and people can borrow it using their USDC as collateral. Go to support channel on Sushi Discord for more info.

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Understood. Thanks for the explanation.

So I’ve taken my Badger & USDC out of the LP, they are just in my wallet now. However I’m still seeing wallet balance of 0 for both of these farms. Is there an additional step necessary before I can lend out either asset to either farm?

You have go to app.sushi.com/lend. Then you have to decide what asset and against what collateral you would like to lend and go to the corresponding Kashi pair. After you lend your assets you will receive Kashi tokens and then you can stake these tokens to the corresponding Kashi farm at app.sushi.com/farm - Kashi Farms… As I mentioned in my previous post, better come to the support channel on Sushswap Discord, as you will receive immediate answers and all the help you may need - the Sushiswap support team rocks :slight_smile: