Kashi "pool" disapeared with my collateral

Hello. I’ve borrowed 120 dai this night (9hours ago) with 0,007btc (value around 230$ when I desposited it) as collateral in Kashi on Polygon. Without any leverage (absolutly sure about it, as I didn’t want to pay the fee for such).

I was at less than 70% of my borrowing capacity and WBTC price didn’t dropped that much (it was around 32500 when I desposited it), but now I cannot see the “pool” i’ve borrowed to anymore.

There is just no more Dai/WBTC “kashi” in Sushiswap Polygon. And my WBTC is gone.

Is there a reason or is it a bug?According to my calculation, I should have been safe down to a BTC around 25K at least!

Please, where can I check what happened ?
Does anyone have an idea?

PS :
My public adress is 0x2Bc1871FAB38a934c405A1670c06723988DB5448
I found back my transaction on the contract to cook the kashi here

And my specific transaction here

But does anyone knows where I can see the supposed liquidation historic?

Hey can you message me on the sushi discord : SushiSwap Community
Had other users with this issue, can help you.
The UI is having an issue with some pairs, you probably haven’t been liquidated
Here is my discord tag : HHK#7327

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Just joined the discord, needs 10mn approval to can contact you. :wink:
But thanks, my heartbeat just droped significantly already.

[EDIT] Hhk indeed helped a lot ! Thanks again !

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