Kenneth Hurley aka SuperGenius Head Chef Candidate Intro and Q&A

Kenneth Hurley - Head Chef Candidate Info and Q&A Answers

Part 1 Brief Introduction

Links to Information and Answers for the Sushi Team and Community

Part 2 - Philosophies and My Personal History

Part 3 - Team Questions and Answers

Part 4 - Questions from the Community and Discussion on Discord

Original HC Candidate Summary and Experience (Submitted May 2022)

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Kenneth Hurley. aka SuperGenius




Nice, at least it was recognizable!

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I’ve known Ken for a while now and he’d be an excellent head chef👌

Ken is one of the best engineers I know. He’s also a fantastic leader. Hoping for Ken to become the head chef :slight_smile:

Thanks Ivan for the compliment, I was happy to invest and code on the Parabeac product, which is going to be phenomenal system for using in the proposed Trading Platform for Sushi

I have gotten to know Ken over the last year and half. This man is the Head Chef! He’s highly knowledgeable, an astute listener, a leader who will resonate among fellow employees and exudes no arrogance. High praises for Ken!