Kisha Club - Sushi Journalists

Multi-Authored by: Trudahamzik and Kirbee
With inputs from: Maka, HHK, Pegbitak, Tangle and Riely

The Crypto space moves at a rapid pace. Full-timers in the industry sometimes struggle to keep up. This makes summarised and organised information very valuable. I am proposing to create a subgroup under the Samurais umbrella known as the Kisha Club a.k.a Journalist Club.

Sushi’s core team interviews/presentations, weekly AMAs and Forum sessions contain a trove of information which many people overlook as they may not have time to listen to the podcasts. The goal is to make that information readily available and easily digestible. This would keep everyone constantly updated on Sushi’s ecosystem and new protocols that decide to participate in the MISO & Onsen programme.

What are Subgroups ?
Subgroups should be mainly formed by a small team of 3-7 people that focus on a specific niche. The groups will all fall under the Samurai Umbrella e.g Research & Analytics, Developers, Technical Writers, Translators etc… possibilities are endless. The subgroup would be given a set amount of grant (Multi-sig) and has the power to manage it for day to day operations. Everything is transparent since it’s all on-chain.

If the Kisha Club is successful, it could pave the way for other active community members to branch out and set up different subgroups.

This would:

  1. Help Sushi scale and give more room for community members to interact with each other

  2. Allow the Core Team to identify and whitelist talented individuals from the community

  3. Ensure community members can properly identify & approach sub groups that they’re interested in helping out.

Specifications (with samples)
Journalists will provide the following:

  1. Short ‘on-the-go’ notes for all AMAs, weekly forums and interviews which cover the Sushi Ecosystem (24 - 48hrs after session)
    Example: 0xMaki at Mainnet 2021

  2. Weekly newsletter - ‘A Week in Sushi’ - a detailed article on all Sushi happenings throughout the week. Focusing on an in-depth take of the Sushi Weekly Forum and also highlights from the week’s AMA sessions. Infographics to be included where appropriate.
    Example: A Week in Sushi (13th - 19th September)

  3. Monthly Recap - core highlights from the month (visual representation)
    Example: Sushi Mid August Recap

  4. Additional infographics for special launches, products or recaps
    Example: Trident

We feel that this would be the most valuable and efficient way to streamline communication and keep the community up-to-date as the space moves at such a rapid pace.

  • Materials will be released on Twitter and in PDF format for easy circulation via Discord, Telegram & Whatsapp
  • We plan on recruiting translators for the notes & newsletters to bridge language barriers and increase engagement with various Sushi communities based in the APAC region starting with China, Korea, Japan & Vietnam
  • We also want to collaborate with the Samurai Team to determine how to best organise all content on the webpage in the future (translated articles as well)

$5,000 USDC per month to the Kisha Club. Journalists will be paid only according to the work they do.


Truda - Short notes for any Podcast/Interview & Infographics

  • $100 USDC per podcast note (24 - 48 hour turn around)
  • $150 USDC Any Visual/Product Recap

Kirbee - Detailed weekly articles with infographics focusing on all Sushi happenings. Will also include a detailed summary from the Sushi Forum and highlights from the AMAs/Interviews

  • $500 USDC per article (Published on the weekend)

Extra remaining amount to be used for:

  1. Payment to Translators
  2. Outreach & supporting the growth of other subgroups (so they don’t need to raise a formal proposal)
  3. Stored in Club’s treasury for a rainy day or returned to Sushi’s treasury

3 - 6 Months Trial period. Core team can keep the same arrangements, consider converting us to full time Sushi Journalists or cut off funding anytime.

Truda - Experienced Business Development & Marketer with event planning experience. Has been lurking in the crypto space since 2017. Previously kickstarted & co-wrote the “Sushi All-In-One Customer Support and Engagement” proposal. Has also written notes for all of Sushi’s podcasts for the past 2 months and launched, a directory which is constantly updated with all Sushi related news & guides.

Kirbee - A passionate advocate of DeFi and has been involved in the crypto space for the past year. Her main focus is contributing to making DeFi accessible to everyone and strongly believes that education is the key to achieving this. Loves writing and helping the community in any way possible. She is also an orchestral violinist.

TL;DR Journalist Ecosystem

  • Let’s get it
  • Nope

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Trudahamzik has been invested in the sushi community for months, he co-authored the Sushi’s All-In-One Customer Support and Engagement, created content for the comunity : wasabinews + notes from many podcasts and calls.

I am 100% confident in him and Kirbee to create good content and push the Sushi community forward.

I also want to promote this idea of sub-groups that can work in coordination with the samurais.
As one of the inital member of the samurai team, I will be happy to help any sub-groups to get started.
Feel free to dm me on discord or reach out on twitter.

Samurais will also be happy to promote and reward educationnal content and translations for the knowledge platform as well as other initiatives that fit with our initial proposal.
Allowing future sub-groups to be rewarded from the start (if their content is valuable and match our needs).
Once sub-groups maturity reached, they would be able to submit proposals like this one.


I just want to throw my full support behind this proposal. Been a big fan of Truda’s efforts at creating recap notes for sushi events, the self-directed effort has been noticed! Will be bringing this up at the sushi forum today for sure.


I have loved truda’s summaries and am completely in support of on board him officially. Using our treasury to build our platform’s reach, accessibility and community is a solid investment.

Sushi has historically struggled getting all of its developments out to the general public, as well, as ideas getting lost in all the directions sushi is going. IE Bonsai, MOVR, various treasury implementations etc. This was the inspiration that lead to one of my first posts on this forum which was a summary of a 4 person google meet up with keno boring me and one other. There were so many developments in the books and rich information to be shared, that just didn’t have a way to make it to the masses. Now that we are spreading to more chains by the moment, there is so much work to be done in terms of community outreach and in establishing our presence in all the niches within these chains.

I have had many other ideas for creations, untouched marketing spaces, infographics, yield/arbitrage strategies, user guides, statistics/aprs and things that would benefit the platform if they reached the general public. I have co hosted the Sushiswap forum community call since the beginning of the year. Every week Magicturtle makes a quick synopsis of sushi news that I have always thought deserved to make it out to a wider audience. There have been so many quality discussions that have taken place in this forum, especially phantom troupe discussion, that retail never sees. Its time we as a community step up to make sure to stop inefficiencies like these.

I would love the opportunity to be a contributoooor myself. I have planned for two weeks to start a discussion around some of the treasury management ideas we have been throwing around in the weekly calls and eventually a formal proposal.

I don’t want my own desire to be a sushi journalist to detract from my full support of this measure. My journey with Sushi and DeFi in general has been that of a do’er, so I will be part of this movement regardless.


This sounds good. I am a freelance writer and already have several clients on topics unrelated to cryptocurrency, but I would be open to picking up an occasional article here. Let me know if you wind up needing extra writers.

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Totally bullish on this! Truda has been instrumental especially in kickstarting the initial version of the Samurai proposal. His notes are no BS, easy to digest, and provides a really good nutshell about all the things happening around Forums, AMAs, and important events for the week. I also personally feel like, this will create a bridge for a lot of contributors in the community who want to help in one-off tasks like creating reports, translations, etc. Let’s empower more users by creating some good content around Sushi.


I love this idea and would like to be more involved. Trying to break my way into FT crypto if possible. Offering these services is so important. Curating content and info is desperately needed.


Backing this initiative


Been enjoying your content and love the proposal :heart:
One bit of UX feedback: It would be nice to have all content linked on one site, which let’s me filter by monthly, weekly or full summaries - similar to Reddit ‘top’ filters.

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Hey @Unagi , We are working on something cool similar to this… Excited for y’all to see it in a few weeks.


I‘ve been working with Truda for while and it’s been a fantastic journey. I‘d like to share some stories behind.

  1. When I first join Sushi and was brainstorming community ideas with Tangle, I just found some of the idea we talked about was inspired by Truda. As a community member & Sushi users, he understand user’s problems / experience very well, which contributes to the samurai proposal and turned out to be really sucessful.
  2. When Truda drafted the wasabi news website, simply as it looks, it took him several attempt to polish the details. He’s really patient and detail oriented.

Appreciate everything Samurai and Truda did. Always helpful, especially in on boarding new users and offering customer support.


Now imagine you are a new users, with the help of existing tutorials and help of Samurais, you already known how to use simple functions, like swap and liquidity mining, but you still want to explore more about the recent development of Sushi & advanced functions like Miso or Shoyu in the future. What’s the one stop shop you can turn to? Twitter? Medium? Discord? Sushi forum? Currently I don’t think any of these single platforms meets the needs. And I hope Kashi Club can be the one that make users’ crypto life easier. :innocent:


This is cool and super support this. If this passes would be happy to see this get shared regularly in all the Sushi socials.